Waldo’s 2020 Year in Review

December 31, 2020

Despite the obstacles and challenges of 2020, we have had the privilege of serving our partners, listening to their needs and working to develop unique features which address them. We are proud of the way we have made the Waldo platform increasingly useful to our partners and the value that their business derives from its content.

This year’s “Year in Review” means a lot to us at Waldo. As we worked tirelessly to develop new features and tools, we thought of you and the challenges you were facing along the way and how we could best serve your business on the other side of the pandemic. 

Numbered Jersey Recognition
As we look to continue to be the leader in the useful application of AI for families and their memories, jersey recognition was officially launched. Our AI now recognizes the jersey number for each player the same way it recognizes faces. This means when the action is happening it doesn’t matter if the athlete is facing the camera or doing their best Pele bicycle kick impression for the winning goal. Sports with helmets or other facial obstructions are now serviceable by the Waldo App. Players and families provide their team and jersey number and receive all of their photos delivered straight to their device.

Video & Blog Hosting
Many of our partners have been asking Waldo to be their single platform for content hosting and delivery, so we added videos and blogs to the platform in 2020. Videos and blogs can now be uploaded and shared alongside your photos in any gallery or album. With these additions, Waldo has become a more complete content management and publishing platform for your community.

Mobile Contributing with Publishing Control
The best photo compilations come when photos from all the cameras and perspectives at an event land in the same gallery. Sometimes it’s impossible to be in several places at once. This year, Waldo enabled your organization to invite contributors to your gallery via text or email invite and then allow those invited to add their photos via the mobile app or desktop. Access can be set to allow sharing instantly to the album or to require your review before publishing. Contributors can transform the way you collect photos and that is now a reality with Waldo.

No Post to Social
With Waldo’s 2020 enhancements, we introduced the “No Post To Social” feature. With one click in the admin dashboard, any photo featuring a user marked as “No Post to Social” will disable the ability to post the photo to social media via the app and alert the viewer someone has requested it not be shared online. It is a great way to respect the privacy wishes of the others in the photo. 

We also extended Waldo’s seamless, AI-powered photo sharing to everyday “shutterbugs”. Anyone with the Waldo app can now create a gallery and share photos with others within seconds! Your community can now use the Waldo app across all of their activities and life events.

Waldograms 2.0
What started as simply a way for camper moms and dads to easily send a postcard to their camper has now become a full greeting card solution for both businesses and consumers. Waldo now has professionally designed card templates for every holiday occasion, announcements, Thank Yous and more. Either through the app or on the web, you can create your own card using our unique and creative templates and have cards ready for Waldo to mail within minutes. Waldograms for Business is now integrated into all of our partners accounts. This unique service allows businesses to turn their amazing photos into personalized direct mailers while utilizing a set of unique features Waldo created just for businesses.

Picture Day Fundraising
As organizations started to reopen, Waldo introduced its DIY Picture Day solution. Waldo allows organizations to take control of their Picture Day with a platform built to automatically send proofs based on facial recognition and allows for the seamless ordering and delivery of prints. For any organization who holds Picture Days, this service is a game changer as it has modernized the process and made it dramatically easier. Best of all, when an organization Waldo-fies their Picture Day, families pay 40% less, on average, for their prints and the organization can make it a powerful fundraiser as Waldo only charges 20% of revenue and the partner keeps all remaining profits.

New Partner Solutions
WaldoGreek was introduced as a way for greek-life college students to receive event photos and amplify their chapter’s voice on campus, online and to new recruits! WaldoGreek Ambassadors from campuses across the country are being recruited to help introduce Waldo to their greek life chapters and showcase the photo crowdsourcing abilities and fun that Waldo brings. 

WaldoSports played out like the perfect ball game! With the launch of Shutterbug and Numbered Jersey Recognition, leagues and tournament promoters can now easily crowdsource content from their fans, grow their presence online through auto-branded photo sharing and create a new revenue stream. 

WaldoChurch is Waldo’s latest launch with the roll-out beginning in January. After having served camps, schools and sports leagues across the nation, Waldo is excited to help churches, who often support a camp, school or sport league, get more value from their content, grow their followings and strengthen their communities. 

In a year where we had to stay in one place, WaldoTravel was dreaming of times we soaked up the sun and shared in the photo fun! As the pandemic comes to an end, WaldoTravel will be our next market as we look to seamlessly deliver all the amazing photos captured when families are making some of their fondest memories while providing travel operators with streamlined photo operations, increased engagement in content and branded social shares on social media by their patrons.

Waldo Team
Waldo transformed in 2020 to be fully remote and was listed as the #8 remote company to work for. We have more than 25 team members from 7 different countries and are continuing to grow this amazing team! Through our virtual happy hours, team meetings, out of sync birthday singing and amazing holiday party, we had a productive but fun year as a team. We are all excited for the new year and working hard to support our partners with new features and amazing customer service.

Looking Forward
2021 is already looking up, and we’re excited to continue moving forward toward growth, more powerful features and tools and continued engagement with our fantastic partners and customers! 

  • New and advanced features in place to continue serving our enterprise partners.
  • Improving Waldo to be more accessible and user-friendly by shutterbugs — we want to become the #1 photo storage and sharing app for your communities!
  • More Waldogram templates for more occasions.
  • And much more that we are so excited to share with you!