30 best places to share photos you snapped

July 8, 2020

Digital photography has long since replaced most printed photos, and with the advancement in smartphone cameras over the last few years, more and more people are finding themselves with the title of “photographer.”

Regardless of whether you take photos with your smartphone camera (no shame!) or a professional DSLR, one thing is for sure — we always want the photos we snap to be seen by the world and cherished by the people who were snapped.

Thankfully, the web has tons of great solutions for photo sharing — you just need to know where.

Whether you’re trying to share your photos with loved ones, get some constructive criticism, or even make some money, here are some great places to upload and share all your great photos.

Social media & networking

Social media is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to share your photos in front of the people in your circle. However, they live on your feed and albums instead of being delivered directly to your family and friends’ phones — for that, you’d want to check out Waldo (#30).

1. Instagram — Needing no introduction, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms favored for its purely photo-based feed. Find the right hashtags for your photos and consider tagging pages that might feature your photos.

2. Flickr — Flickr is home to tens of billions of photos. Flickr’s photo management allows you to give your friends and family permission to help organize your photos with notes and tags.

3. Pinterest — A “visual discovery” platform where you can post your photos into online bulletin boards. It’s fun to see where other users “pin” your photos within their own boards.

4. LiveJournal — The LiveJournal community publishing platform is a hybrid of blogging and social media. Use your photos to enhance your journal entries while showing off those great shots you snapped.

5. GooglePhotos — GooglePhotos is Google’s solution to cloud-based photo management. You can invite family members and friends to view and add photos to albums.

6. Facebook — Most people are familiar and comfortable with the Facebook platform. It allows for photo albums, 3D photos, and tagging specific people and places. Consider joining Facebook groups to find like-minded communities to share your photos with.

Psst… you should say hi to Waldo on Instagram and Facebook too!

Stock photo platforms

Stock photos are the most popular method to sell photos and make some extra dollars, provided the photos you are snapping are not privacy-sensitive.

7. Pexels — A large collection of free for commercial and personal use photos. Getting a Pexels Hero designation grants special deals and gifts to the most talented and trusted photographers on the platform.

8. StockSnap.io — Hosting beautiful and completely free stock photos, with hundreds added each week. “StockSnap is eager to host creative, skilled visual content creators.” As the image creator, you get a link back to your website and a credit on your photos.

9. Shutterstock — A robust paid stock photo platform. As a contributor, you get paid each time one of your photos is downloaded.

10. Adobe Stock — Add photos, vector artwork, and videos to the Adobe Stock collection and earn royalties. If you own the rights to the photo (and have a model release when necessary), you can start uploading and selling your work.

11. Unsplash — Free images for commercial and personal use, powered by creators everywhere. To join “the world’s most generous community of photographers,” you simply start uploading photos to the site. Stats on your photos are provided so you can track the impact of your work.

12. Pixabay — A community of creatives has collaborated to make the Pixabay collection of free stock imagery. When submitting images, be sure they meetPixabay’s Image Quality Guidelines.

If you’re a pro photographer that snaps photos for clients, those might not be eligible for a stock photo platform — instead, you’d want to check out Waldo for Pro photographers.

Showcase your work

These platforms would suit you if you snap photos of landscapes, nature, art, or do photo edits and design.

13. 500px — Get immediate exposure and even sell your photos. The site’s “Pulse algorithm” makes new photographs and photographers highly visible, giving a boost to your photo visibility.

14. Photo.net — A photography community that’s been around since 1993, containing millions of photos with billions of views. Get critiques on your photos, enter contests, and even take photography classes.

15. VSCO — VSCO is a photo and video editing platform with great filters. You can post your photos in your feed and let people discover them, and even stand a chance for VSCO to feature you on their channels when you include the #vsco hashtag.

16. YourShot — National Geographic’s online photography community. Tag your images on Instagram with #YourShotPhotographer for a chance to be featured.

17. FlippingBook — Create an interactive online photo album that’s easy to flip through and navigate. Preset design options and editing tools ensure you’ll have a truly unique digital album.

18. Portfoliobox — Create an online portfolio website right from your internet browser. No coding required, just drag and drop.

Travel and adventure

Are you a wanderlust or a travel business owner? Use these platforms to leverage on your photos and get more exposure for your travel lifestyle or business!

19. TravelBlog — Create a free travel blog and upload unlimited photos of your travels. One of the nice features is route mapping so you can show your travel route.

20. Travel Photographers Network — An online travel photography magazine powered by photography challenges and critiques. To encourage engagement within their community, they ask that you leave a comment on two images for every one image that you post.

21. Get Jealous — Keep friends and relatives up to date with ongoing information about your whereabouts and experiences as you travel. Upload photos and use the map to plot your course.

22. TravellersPoint — A free platform to create your own travel blog for your photos, map out your travel plan, check out wiki travel guides, and even book accommodations.

23. Off Exploring — Share your experience on this free travel blog, and even print a hardback book of your trip photos and blog entries.

24. Esplorio — Automatically record your trips by uploading photos, routes, and check-ins into one place, creating your own travel journal for iPhone and the web.

Ultimately, photos are best delivered right into the hands of the people that would cherish them. If you run a resort or attraction, that would be your guests. You’d know all about the hard-sells of photo booths at attractions — but with Waldo for Travel’s near real-time photo delivery to mobile, your business can have a more effective photo op and drive return visitors!

Storing & sharing photo albums

If you just need a place to store your photos and share them with several intimate family members and friends, these unlimited storage platforms (provided you purchase a subscription) might be a decent solution for you.

25. SmugMug — A subscription-based platform that allows unlimited photo storage. You can store, share, and even sell your photos.

26. ImageShack — Unlimited space to host images. Upload your images to albums and share them on web and mobile with this subscription-based image platform.

27. Amazon Photos — Included with an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Photos allows for unlimited full-resolution photo storage and the ability for custom prints of your images.

28. PixVillage — A free community software for sharing photos privately with those you choose to invite. Free and unlimited online photo sharing.

29. Keep&Share — Secure photo uploading, storage, and sharing. Access from a smartphone or a computer so you can view and upload photos anywhere at any time.

The best place and the best way to share

30. Waldo — What if I told you you’d be able to deliver your photos directly and automatically to the people whom you’ve snapped, all in near real-time?

Seamlessly connecting the photographer to the photographed, Waldo is a photo-sharing app combining AI-powered facial recognition and mobile photo delivery. Waldo offers a strong combination of secure photo storage, powerful photo management tools, and near real-time photo delivery directly to those in the photograph.

A family found by Waldo during family camp

For the casual photographer, Waldo’s ability to easily crowdsource photos from everyone who attended an event. Whether they are on Apple, Android, or Web, everyone can conveniently add photos to a common album — Waldo then does the searching and delivers each person the photos they appear in.

For the professional, you can securely deliver digital proofs that are screenshot disabled to protect your copyright and insure your sales. Online ordering of prints directly from the Waldo app also makes selling your photos as prints a breeze.

So whether you’re a shutterbug taking photos for fun or a professional photographer at big events, Waldo makes sure that your photos are securely stored and delivered exactly to those who would cherish them.