9 Ways to Maximize Your Content’s Value This Summer Using WaldoCamps

May 21, 2024
summer camp kids smiling and waving outside

Summer camps are treasured places where growth and joy abound, and capturing these cherished moments with a platform that maximizes their value has become increasingly important. If you utilizing WaldoCamps suite of AI-powered tools for streamlining photo and video management and delivery, below are nine ways to get the most out of your WaldoCamps Photo Manager subscription this summer:

1. Comprehensive Camper Dashboard

WaldoCamps offers a unique camper dashboard that enables staff to track photo coverage by individual campers and the days since their last photo was delivered. This ensures equal photo coverage for all campers and reduces the number of inbound calls and emails from concerned parents.

2. Automated Photo Branding and Hashtagging

Each photo uploaded through WaldoCamps automatically carries your camp’s branding. When these photos are shared by families on social media, they serve as effective, authentic promotional content that can attract more families to your camp.

3. Counselor Photo Delivery

Not only can you deliver photos to camp families, but WaldoCamps also allows for the distribution of these cherished memories to counselors. These photos, when shared, can boost your recruitment efforts as counselors’’ social media posts often reach prospective staff and camp families.

4. Advanced Search with Custom Tagging

Organize your marketing assets efficiently with custom tagging and powerful search capabilities. This feature is perfect for quickly finding high-quality photos for off-season marketing initiatives, saving valuable time. Simply place tags on uploads, albums, or individual photos and use Waldo’s “and / or” search to find specific photos with combinations of tags.

5. Seamless Video Integration

Enhance engagement with seamless video uploads alongside photos in the Waldo app. This feature allows parents to view and engage with video content, right beside the photo content, in a single app, providing a richer, more comprehensive view of camp life, all within a unified experience.

6. AI-Powered Slideshows

Create stunning, collage-style slideshows automatically with WaldoCamps’ AI-powered tool. Use Waldo’s proprietary Spotlights feature to specify how many of the best photos of each camper you want in your slideshow and let Waldo handle the selection process to ensure a balanced and beautiful presentation.

7. Branded Communication with Campergrams

Parents can send personalized, camp-branded postcards directly to their children at camp, known as Campergrams. These postcards become keepsakes that carry your camp’s branding into homes, displayed on refrigerators and cork boards throughout the offseason. This serves as a constant connection to camp and marketing for others who see them.

8. Waldograms for Business

Utilize Waldograms for sending birthday and holiday cards to campers and their families. This feature also allows you to maintain a connection with your camp community throughout the year, enhancing loyalty and retention.

9. Effective Blog and SMS Updates

Keep parents updated with regular blog posts and SMS messages through WaldoCamps. This tool is especially useful for communicating important updates and fostering a sense of community during the summer and off-season.

By utilizing the unique capabilities above during the summer and the offseason, you can strengthen your camp’s community, unlock the tremendous marketing value of your content, and save staff countless hours that can be invested back into your campers and staff.