Summer Camp Prep Series

How To Market Waldo to Your Families! – Read Me

We empower camps to promote the Waldo experience to their families because you know your campers and parents best. This document is designed to provide you with our marketing recommendations and guidance for accessing marketing collateral that we have customized for your camp.

First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the many different ways that you can tell your families about Waldo, how to enroll, and how to access the web gallery (if you are using it). We recommend using a mix of communications channels, including your own website, your social media platforms (e.g., Facebook), emails to parents, and direct communications to parents on drop off day.

Your marketing folder has everything you need for a strong communications campaign, and yet we encourage you to be creative and to create your own collateral using the Waldo logos and graphics that we’ve provided you in the sub-folder Waldo Logos.

Collateral in your marketing folder:

Social Media

If you want to make your web gallery a more private experience, we have provided a social post that doesn’t include a join code (Social – NO CODE); instead, it says “check your inbox for more details”. (You’ll then need to make sure that you share the join code with email and your website.)

Otherwise, we’ve prepared ready-to-post social content, marked as “social”, that includes your camp’s join code and enrollment instructions (“text that code to our number”)

Email Content

HTML email, ready to send

“Copy/Paste Plain Text”. This is plain text you can copy and paste into an email.

Waldo FAQ


Direct signup link – in the Important Info document. This takes parents to the page to signup.

Website Content

Waldo FAQ

Direct Signup Link


You can also put some of the language from the Copy/Paste document, the social content, or anything else on your site.

Direct signup link – in the Important Info document

Drop-Off Day


FAQ Sheet

Have someone there who can help parents signup and answer questions

Having a Waldo booth or station that all parents go by to get info

Recommended Marketing Timeline

Send regular emails and make social media posts before summer. We would recommend at least 1 or 2 emails just about Waldo. Then, you can also include Waldo info in any other emails you send out.

A. Your marketing folder has an HTML template email you can send out, as well as a “Copy/Paste Plain Text” document, with text you can copy and paste into emails (or anywhere else).

B. You can also attach the Flier to these emails.

Send an email and social post several days before the start of each camp session to incoming parents.

If possible, have a person available at dropoff to help parents and answer questions about Waldo, and show them how to signup.

A.They can reference the Waldo FAQ sheet and Flier

B. Having their own table/booth can be helpful

Send an email and social post 1 or 2 days into each session, after you upload the first batch of photos of each session, letting those parents know they are now available to view.

Let parents know they can enroll anytime, even after camp, and still receive their photos. Putting this in an email halfway through summer, and again after camp, can be good.

If you need any help, please email us at