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Waldo has come to camp, and he’s packed his amazing photo technology in his trunk. Using facial recognition, Waldo finds photos of each camper and delivers them via text message to their families as soon as the photos are uploaded to the camp album.

Your campers are living the moment. You should be too. No more worried parent phone calls, wondering if their child is having a good time. No more haphazard photo coverage. Just pure delight, delivered directly to your families’ phones every day.

Popular features

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Facial recognition technology

Simply upload your photos and let Waldo do all the work. Waldo matches selfies submitted by your campers to photos in the album then texts each camper's matches to their families.

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Fun and friendly photo alerts

Every time photos are matched, Waldo sends a fun text message or notification, keeping the photo delivery fun, conversational, and camp-friendly.

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A powerful camp photo dashboard

Waldo provides an admin dashboard with photo analytics for each camper, helping to increase photo coverage and decrease phone calls from worried parents.

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A secure web gallery

Waldo provides a secure, one-stop shop for your photo gallery that enables your camp families to view, download, share to Facebook, and order prints – all in one place.

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Do-Not-Publish protections

Have campers that shouldn't be photographed or published? We understand. Waldo runs the technology in reverse, using a reference image to pull out any photos of such campers.

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In-app branding filters 

Make it easy for your camp families to share their camper's photos with your branding with options to include your logo on photo downloads, social shares, and more. 


Fundraising – the Waldo way

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Not only does Waldo deliver all your camper’s photos, he also gives back in a BIG way. Camps who jump on the Waldo platform get the added option of an incredible fundraising model that sends 50% of all photo profits back to camps for scholarships or fundraising projects of your choice.

Read about how Waldo helped raise $75,000 for one Texas summer camp.


Don't just take our word for it

Richard Bombach

Richard Bombach

Camp Director at Camp Balcones Springs, Texas

“Having Waldo be a part of the Camp Balcones Springs summer program was an incredible addition. Our camper families no longer needed to scroll through thousands of pictures to find their children. Instead, they would wake up to pictures of their children having an incredible time! Not only did it make the lives our of camper families easier, it also helped our camp photographer, as the Waldo application allowed her to manage how many pictures she had taken of each camper! It created accountability inside our offices and as a direct result, we received fewer emails and calls from parents about campers who weren’t in pictures!”

Vanessa Brady.png

Vanessa Brady

Camper Mom

"I love Waldo because it so simple. Not having to scroll through hundreds of camp photos to find the few you’re interested in is a total game changer! My only question is, “Why isn’t everyone using Waldo!?" This is one app that definitely made my life easier!"

T Bar M marketing director Alice Myer

Alice Myer

Director of Marketing at T Bar M Camps

“The Waldo team is responsive, customer-focused and fun. Most importantly, the Waldo (fundraising model) helped us reach our goal of $75,000 for our “Bless a Coach” fund … we are so excited to send those “blessings” to our Coaches (counselors), which goes toward their college expenses.


Webinar: 10 Tips to Improve Your Camp Photography  

Hosted by Katherine Spencer, a former camp photographer. Learn how your summer camp can improve coverage, cut down on parent phone calls and emails, and better capture all the fun and values at your camp. 

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Austin company Waldo Photos has new way to find kids' camp photos...

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