Introducing: The Waldo Collage

The newest Waldo product is a custom collage. Waldo customers can create their own print featuring five of their favorite photos from a Waldo-fied event. The end result is an 8×10 custom collage mailed directly to their door all completed with just a few clicks. The collage can be branded with the events logo and features a custom background image selected by our partner. The end result is a life-long keepsake that captures and reminds customers of the great time had at our partners event!

Why we added this product

“Our customer can now create a keepsake featuring their favorite moments at one of our camp, school or sports event partners. They select the photos and we handle the creation and delivery on their behalf, it’s that easy. From a partner perspective, their brand is embedded in these priceless keepsakes and become an in-home marketing voice for them.” said, Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos

With just a few clicks, your custom collage is complete!