Waldo delivers photos to your chapter members in 3 simple steps.

It's fast, it's easy, and it's delightful.

Upload photos to your web gallery

Your members and outside photographers upload photos to your web gallery.

Waldo finds your member's photos

Waldo uses facial recognition to find photos of your sorority and fraternity members.

Photos delivered in near real-time

Waldo delivers these photos to your members in near real-time via text or the app.


Crowdsource everyone's photos on a centralized web gallery

Get photos from pro photographers, committees, and members sourced into one easy-to-manage, centralized web gallery. Everybody can upload photos at any event easily via the Waldo app.

Receive photos in near real-time

Waldo's facial recognition finds photos within seconds of it being uploaded to your web gallery, and gets it delivered instantly to your members via text or the Waldo app.


Amplify your reach for events and fundraisers

Photos shared on social media through Waldo will automatically have your sorority or fraternity's brand filter integrated on it. Get more eyeballs on your club's content and build a strong brand on social media!

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