How AI Can Make Your Summer Camp’s Slideshow Creation a Breeze

June 17, 2024
camping slideshow

Creating a memorable slideshow for your summer camp is a fantastic way to capture the magic of the season and share it with campers, parents, and staff. However, historically, the process of creating a slideshow has been time-consuming and daunting, involving the curation of thousands, or tens of thousands, of photos into a few hundred, while trying to ensure each camper is represented.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play, transforming what was once a painstaking, tedious task into a delightful, automated process. Here’s how AI can revolutionize your summer camp’s slideshow creation, making it easier than ever to produce a beautiful slideshow featuring all your campers.

Introducing WaldoCamps: The Ultimate Photo Management Solution

WaldoCamps is an innovative AI-powered platform designed specifically for camps to streamline the process of photo and video management. By leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology, WaldoCamps ensures that every memorable snapshot is automatically organized by camper, and with its Best Photos and Auto-Spotlights algorithms, easily curated into a beautiful, inclusive slideshow in minutes.

Streamlined Photo Curating

Automated Tagging and Sorting

One of the most time-consuming aspects of slideshow creation is sorting through thousands of photos in an attempt to find the best photos and to ensure all campers are represented in the slideshow. WaldoCamps provides camp administrators with a tremendous time saver by automatically organizing all camp photos by camper in a camper dashboard.

Custom Tagging and Search

Beyond the facial recognition-based tagging of photos by camper, WaldoCamps also allows for easily applying custom tags to any individual photo, upload of photos, or album of photos. These tags can then be easily searched, including a combination of tags to be included or excluded from the filter via AND / OR search capabilities.

Automated Best Matches & Spotlights

Best Matches

WaldoCamps slideshow curation goes a couple of steps beyond simply organizing all the camp’s photos by camper. Waldo then automatically sorts and ranks all the photos featuring a particular camper from best to worst. Allowing camp administrators to quickly focus on the best photos of that particular camper.


Now that all of your camp photos are organized by camper and ranked from best to worst by camper, WaldoCamps facilitates the most important step in the slideshow curation process with a feature called Auto-Spotlights. Auto-spotlights allow a camp administrator to tell the system how many photos they want of each camper in the slideshow.

For example, you can tell Waldo you want each camper to be in the slideshow twice and Waldo will bring back a cohort of photos whereby the best two matched photos of each camper will be in the slideshow. This has historically taken countless hours of painful, tedious work and has now been reduced to the click of a button.

Slideshow Designer

Simple or Collage-style slide layouts

Waldo’s smart slideshow algorithm will automatically turn your slides from single photo per slide to beautiful collage-style slides, if desired. Great for slideshows with lots of photos. Formats range from 2 to 5 photos per slide and optimize layouts based on each photo’s aspect ratio and orientation. Slides can then be further cropped and edited.

Background, customizable cover, & scrolling ticker tape

Waldo’s slideshow designer offers several features to enhance the visual appeal and personalization of your presentations. With customizable backgrounds, you can choose from a variety of options to perfectly complement your photos and set the desired tone for your slideshow.

A customizable cover allows you to create a unique and engaging introduction slide that captures the essence of your event or theme. Additionally, the ticker tape feature provides a dynamic scrolling message at the bottom of your slides, perfect for conveying important information, captions, or special messages to your audience.

These features ensure that your slideshow is not only visually stunning but also highly personalized and informative.


Integrating AI into your summer camp’s slideshow creation with WaldoCamps transforms this traditionally labor-intensive task into a streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable experience. With features like Auto-Spotlights, ensuring every camper’s best photos are included, Smart Layouts, for automatically creating beautiful, collage-style slides, and a designer for customizing your slideshow’s look and feel, WaldoCamps makes it easier than ever to produce an inclusive, beautiful slideshow.