Waldo is Now Available to Consumers, Professional Photographers, Event Organizers and Venues to Make Pictures Easier to Find, Purchase and Share

Austin, TX — March 28, 2017 — Launching today, Waldo gives consumers the ability to find their photos taken by others and receive them in near real-time on their mobile device. The Waldo service aims to revolutionize photo delivery at entertainment venues, resorts, sporting events, camps, schools, weddings, corporate events, conferences and more. This innovative photo-finding and delivery platform also includes a suite of products targeted to professional photographers and brands that enable them to reach potential customers directly and amplify their presence at events and via social media.

Waldo is easy and fun for consumers to use. They simply provide a selfie from the free Waldo app (available today for iOS and Android) or text a selfie to Waldo at SEL-FIE (735-343). Waldo uses artificial intelligence, location awareness and timing mechanisms to find matching photos and delivers them directly to the consumer’s phone via text, in-app delivery, or both.

In addition to the company’s consumer app, which allows for easy sharing among friends and family in group albums powered by the company’s proprietary AI-driven platform, the company has two distinct products for photographers, event organizers and venues: Waldo Events and Waldo Pro.

  • Waldo Events, in beta until today, is now available to all event organizers, photographers, venues and brands on the company’s website at waldo.photos. The platform enables near real-time mobile delivery of event photos to attendees of corporate events, conferences, parties, galas, concerts and festivals, and pro and college sports. With Waldo Events, attendees can keep their phones in their pockets, live in the moment and receive photos of their experience taken by professional photographers. Event organizers can now deliver attendees their photos on Waldo’s fun and easy-to-use mobile platform, while at the same time amplifying their brand through in-app branding and one-tap social sharing. In beta, Waldo Events has been used by companies including Ernst & Young, CDW, SXSW and Austin360.

  • Waldo Pro, available in beta to select photographers today, gives professional photographers and venues the ability to deliver and sell photos in near real-time via Waldo’s mobile platform. This AI-driven, mobile-centric service allows any photographer or venue who captures and sells photos of people to supercharge their sales and delivery. By seamlessly sending proofs through the mobile app with one-tap purchasing options, photographers can boost their sales and amplify their brand. Waldo Pro is accepting beta customers today and will open the offering to all professional photographers and venues this later this spring.

Waldo’s free consumer app makes delivering photos to friends and families a breeze. From birthday parties to weekend getaways with friends, photos are easily uploaded to a group album and then distributed on the Waldo app.

“Waldo solves the problem of finding your photos taken by others. No longer will families have to spend hours sorting through large online albums from weekend sporting activities, overnight camps or school activities, looking for needles in a haystack or waiting in long lines to view photos via kiosk at amusement parks and resorts. With Waldo, all these moments will be delivered automatically,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos. “And for the first time, professional photographers and venues will have a seamless tool for delivering and selling photos in near real-time on an intelligent and easy-to-use mobile platform. For photographers and consumers, Waldo eliminates the friction in photo delivery and purchasing.”

Waldo Photos was founded by serial entrepreneur and co-founder of HomeAdvisor, Rodney Rice. To date, Waldo has raised $5 million in seed funding led by Los Angeles-based Upfront Ventures.

For more information about Waldo, visit: waldo.photos.


Waldo is an innovative photo-finding platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect the photographer to the photographed, as seamlessly as it should be. With Waldo, every photo of you and your family, taken by others, is delivered to your smartphone. Whether you’re at a sporting event, concert, amusement park, wedding, tourist attraction, camp, race or just chillin’ at a friend’s BBQ, Waldo finds your photos and delivers them to you. Waldo uses a combination of facial recognition, GPS, time and album code matching with the convenience of a text-based interface.


Waldo Events is a revolutionary photo and marketing tool for event planners. Event organizers can now deliver attendees their photos via Waldo’s fun and easy-to-use mobile platform, while at the same time amplifying their brand through in-app branding and one-tap social sharing. 
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Waldo Pro is a photo delivery and sales solution for professional photographers. Its innovative platform changes the process from an antiquated hunt and peck, high latency, one-off commerce transaction to a push system where the customer is delivered their “photo needles” out of the proverbial “album haystack” directly to their smartphone, in real-time, with one-click purchasing. 
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