Waldo-fy your league’s Picture Day and Action Shots with AI-powered mobile delivery!


Waldo’s revolutionary AI-powered mobile photo platform has changed the game for youth sports photography forever. Using proprietary facial & jersey recognition, our mobile delivery and sales platform simplifies picture day for leagues, coaches and parents. Allowing leagues to deliver better value and convenience to their families while saving coaches and administrators time.

Waldo-fying your league’s photography also means families can finally seamlessly share action shots without all the hunting and pecking online. Best of all, Waldo-fied photos turn into marketing gold as your families post them to social with your brand filter and hashtags built in.

Goodbye old school picture days, hello Waldo


Paper order forms, checks, print packages delivered by hand. Are you kidding me, it’s almost 2020? Waldo gets it. Welcome to the youth sports photo solution of the future.

Waldo delivers:

- 100% mobile solution, no paper

- More flexible and cost effective photo package options - digital only or digital + print

- All prints mailed to your families

- AI-powered crowd-sourcing platform for action photos - moms and dads can seamlessly share photos with each parent getting their athlete’s photos delivered to their phone

- Free photo management platform for leagues - marketing rights to photos, plus advanced tagging for quick curating of photos

- Real-time online reporting of league revenue from photos sales

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How it works

Photo proofs are delivered to parents via text alert (with patented FaceBlocker watermark protection)

Parents select from ALL proofs and choose photo package


Immediate delivery of hi-res digital images post purchase with prints mailed to parent’s home

Three must know benefits of working with Waldo


Save time and generate revenue from more photos

We offer our league partners attractive revenue sharing on team and individual portraits and a new revenue opportunity on action shots. Our streamlined approach to photo discovery, ordering and delivery eliminates paper and reduces time spent by coaches and league owners.

Picture day is simplified as Waldo eliminates a shot roster. Athletes can take their photo at their convenience and parents view proofs and order from their phones.

Create more fans by delighting your parents

Waldo’s AI-powered mobile first solution delights parents with convenient mobile proofs and purchasing and more flexible purchase options, including digital only. Best of all, parents can utilize Waldo to share action shots from game days!


Maximize marketing exposure

It starts with individual and team photos and turns into a marketing machine for your league or club. The Waldo platform opens up the ability for parents and fans to seamlessly share actions shots throughout the season.

With our push delivery of branded and hash-tagged photos, moms and dads turn into megaphones for your league on social media.


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