Waldo helps your families share action photos in 3 simple steps.

Using proprietary facial and numbered jersey recognition in highly-rated mobile apps, Waldo makes sharing action photos a breeze.

Attendees upload photos

Your families and staff can easily upload photos to the Waldo cloud via DSLR or mobile phone. Photos can also be uploaded via wireless DSLR connection!

Athletes upload a selfie & jersey #

Selfie and jersey # are uploaded via the Waldo app, which will be used for photo sorting and matching.

Waldo finds and delivers their photos

Photos are delivered in near real-time to athletes and their families via text or push notification.

Features that will take your sports photography to the next level

Facial & numbered jersey recognition delivery

Waldo’s proprietary AI-powered photo finding makes action photo delivery a breeze! Every family can provide their athlete’s selfie and jersey details, and Waldo will deliver every action shot they’re in “automagically”.

Crowdsource action photos for your marketing

At sporting events, there are photographers, shutterbug parents, and event staff — all snapping photos with their DSLRs and smartphones. Families never miss a moment — and your tournament gains access to all photos for marketing purposes. Waldo’s platform is Apple, Android, and web-friendly.

Amplify your brand through your families’ social posts

Every photo delivered by Waldo and posted by your families will carry your brand filter and hashtag, turning your families into powerful influencers on social media.

Generate new revenues

Your league will earn a portion of all revenue from every families’ subscription and photo purchases.

DIY Picture Days streamlined and simplified

Modernize your Picture Day through Waldo’s tech. Help parents save up to 40% versus traditional vendors — and raise funds for your league at the same time.

Easy online ordering and payment through the Waldo app
Save time with direct drop-shopping to parents
Waldo’s FaceBlocker protects digital proofs from unauthorized downloads
Turn Picture Day into fundraising profits — keep up to 80% of your Picture Day net sales!

Waldo-fy your league today!

Request a free account here and our partner success team will help you get your account activated!