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Take your photography to the next level with AI powered mobile delivery. Share your work with those who will cherish it forever.

For photographers

Upload to Waldo

Easy drag & drop, browse or mobile upload to the Waldo cloud.

Share your Join Code

Provide those you photograph a join code.

Waldo matches & delivers

Each person found in your album receives a text alert with their photos.

Are you a Pro?

Set your prices for individual photos, subscriptions and prints.

For photoseekers

Text in your album’s Join Code

Text Waldo your join code to 735-343.

Upload a selfie

Snap a selfie for Waldo to use.

Sit back, relax and Live the Moment

Get all of the photos you’re found in delivered via text alerts!

Download the Waldo app

Download the FREE Waldo app and invite family members to your photo stream. When Waldo finds your photos they’ll get app alerts to view them just like you!

Get it on Google Play

Effortless photo delivery

Waldo sends a text alert or app notification to the people in your photos anytime they appear in your albums.

FaceBlocker: patented photo protection

Say goodbye to screen captures and hello to advanced technology that drives individual photo sales and downloads.

Auto-upload. Straight from the source.

Swapping SD cards? So last year. Our app allows auto-upload to the cloud from your DSLR as soon as you hear the click.

Waldo-fy your photos today!

Try the platform at your next shoot and start selling more photos in less time.