Photo Manager

Automated photo sharing is here

Share photos within your community with Waldo’s Photo Manager.

Your amazing photos, centrally gathered, branded, and shared.

Effortless delivery of cherished memories

Waldo finds and delivers photos via text to everyone at your event.

Seamless cross platform photo sharing

Mobile optimized galleries that are iOS, Android, and web compatible.

Turn your community into influencers

Photos tell your story best. Waldo’s automated branding of photos will turn your community into your storytellers on social media.

Easily crowdsource and gather photos

Invite contributors, moderate publishing rights, centralize your photo gathering.

Curate photos by person, contributor or custom tag

Finding the photos you need is super easy. Waldo allows you to filter and find by who is in the photo, who took it or by any custom tag.

Stay connected with personalized outreach

Sort photos by member and create personalized thank yous, recognition, and well wishes straight from your Waldo dashboard.

All your photos. Organized and easily accessible.

Photos scattered across Dropbox, Google, hard drives, SD cards, smartphones? Waldo feels your pain. Waldo organizes all your photos in the cloud, accessible via web, iOS, and Android.

Say hello to powerful photo analytics.

Enjoy a dashboard that automatically sorts your photos by person, and makes curating photos a breeze for marketing and memorabilia.

Photo delivery with near real-time mobile alerts

When Waldo finds a matched photo, he will notify the person found through a text alert or push notification. No more looking for photo needles in album haystacks!

Make buying prints a breeze

Let your community purchase prints of memorable moments in a few taps or clicks. You can even create custom prints with branded backdrops!

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How do I sign up for a Photo Manager account?

First, let us know what type of organization you work with here, and then follow the steps to sign up for your free 30-day trial!

Is there a limit on how many events I can create or photos I can upload?

All photo manager plans come with an unlimited number of galleries and albums, and up to 500gb of photo storage and 20gb of video storage. Additional storage can be purchased from your billing page.

Is there a limit to how many people can add photos to my events?

All photo manager subscriptions include an unlimited number of contributors! Set your album to allow anyone to upload, or invite specific contributors for more control.

If I sign up for a monthly subscription, can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! Visit your billing page to cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time.

Does Waldo deliver photos when the faces are only profiles or in the background?

Waldo is great at delivering all types of photos — even those where faces are in the background or visible only from the side. (So long as there are no face masks present, we’re not quite that good yet!)

How do I invite people to sign up to receive their photos?

Any galleries with Photo Finder enabled will include a unique custom code that can be texted in by anyone who has attended your event, via a direct link you can share via email, text, or social. You can also set your gallery to be discoverable in search and on your account profile page.

Ready to get more value from your photos?