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share photos with friends

Simple photo sharing. Powered by AI and mobile delivery. Apple. Yep. Android. Check. Web. I got you.

The easiest and most secure way to find and share photos.

Powered by facial and jersey recognition.

Waldo’s AI-powered recognition finds your face or jersey and seamlessly delivers your pictures to you.

Get mobile alerts in near real-time.

Any time Waldo finds you in a gallery you’ve requested he search, he sends you a matched photo alert.

Built with security and privacy in mind.

Finally, private sharing which makes sense for families. You control who can upload to your albums and view and download your photos.


Let the photo sharing begin with Waldo

Available on iOS, Android, and Web. With Waldo, sharing photos with your family, friends, and community is as simple as it should be. Create and share an album and Waldo will automagically find and deliver everyone the photos they’re in.

Securely crowdsource your community’s photos

With Waldo, you can invite others to upload photos to your albums while maintaining the control of reviewing them before publishing.

Auto upload, straight from the source

Swapping SD cards? So last year.

Our app allows auto upload to the cloud from your DSLR as soon as you hear the click.

Real-time mobile alerts for matched photos

Waldo sends you a push notification or text message every time he finds a matched photo.

Crowdsourcing photos from family and friends

Easily invite others to contribute photos and videos to your gallery and review them prior to publishing.

Privacy-protected albums with two-factor authentication

Enjoy unparalleled security and privacy options including “Do Not Publish” & “No Post to Social”.

Organize photos

Waldo uses AI-powered recognition to sift and sort all your photos for you by face or jersey.

Bookmark favorites

Favorite your best photos to easily access them when you want.

200GB storage

Enjoy 200GB of photo storage to store all your best memories, accessible anytime on iOS, Android, and Web.

Unlimited photo matches for up to 10 faces

Got thousands of photos? No problem. Waldo will help you find all your photos for up to 10 faces!

Unlimited galleries and

Create as many galleries and invite as many contributors as you want to them.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Shutterbug using your mobile phone or email at this page or download the Waldo Photos iOS or Android app.

What can I use my subscription for?

Your Shutterbug subscription allows you to join up to 10 people to any Shutterbug event created on the Waldo platform —from your school’s football games to the holiday play and even that girl’s weekend to the wine country— any events that are created by fellow Shutterbugs can be joined!

How do I join albums and get my photos?

You’ll visit our search page and search by event, creator, or location and simply choose the person you’d like to join, Waldo will do the rest!

Can I upgrade my Shutterbug subscription?

You can upgrade your Shutterbug subscription at any time by visiting your Billing section.

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