Win-Win for your PTA/PTO

Enough with the popcorn tins and coupon books — it’s time for a fundraiser that can bring real value to your students and their parents.

Facial & numbered jersey recognition

Waldo uses proprietary facial recognition to find students’ photos so you don’t have to dig through every album for them. For sports events, Waldo can even spot athletes through numbered jersey recognition.

Facial recognition at a youth sports game

A photo delivered through text

Automated mobile photo delivery

As soon as photos are uploaded, Waldo finds and delivers each student’s photos directly to their family’s phones via text and app alerts — in near real-time.

Photo sharing made simple.

Easily invite teachers, parents, and students to contribute their photos to a single gallery. Never miss a moment. Everyone’s photos — together at last.

Contributing to a Waldo gallery

Let’s Waldo-fy your fundraising!

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You set the price

Your PTA/PTO sets the price of a Waldo subscription for parents.

Waldo charges a flat fee

As parents purchase subscriptions, Waldo applies a fixed fee to cover photo hosting, matching, and delivery.

Your club keeps the rest

Your PTA/PTO keeps all the remaining profits as a fundraiser.

Waldo is ready for your demo!

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