NEW: Your School’s Social Media Strategy for 2021

Get updated on the in’s and out’s of the social media landscape in 2021 and more importantly how your school can leverage and benefit from new technologies designed to simplify the process and amplify your voice.


Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Schools

How do you create a powerhouse word-of-mouth marketing strategy to massively increase your school’s engagement and enrollment?


Turn Your School Photos into Marketing Gold

Discover how you can turn your students and families into a powerful community of unpaid influencers for your school on social media.

Case Study: How Waldo helped fundraise over $400,000 for schools, camps, and youth sports leagues using photo delivery

Parents love to see pictures of their children, all the time — whether it’s ziplining at camp, on a field trip at school, or scoring a goal during the weekend tournament! What if we told you there are schools, camps, and youth sports leagues who’ve turned these captured moments into $400,000 in fundraising?


Turn your school’s Picture Day into your best fundraiser

Picture Day as a fundraiser that lets your school keep 80% of profits? Yes please.

School fundraising in 2021 – A time to be more creative

Fundraising will be a top priority for schools in 2021 — This is how you can stand out.

How Waldo’s photo delivery supercharges marketing for schools

There is a significant shift from traditional school marketing — and you shouldn’t miss out.

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Waldo is the leading photo and content management platform for schools.

Through real-time photo delivery to parents, automated branding, and a robust, user-friendly platform, Waldo has been making waves across schools from coast to coast.

Photo management made easier than ever, including automated coverage tracking
Help parents stay connected to their children through near real-time photo delivery
Increase digital word of mouth and social media reach by 45x


“Waldo was the next level thing we didn’t even know we needed until we had it. I can’t ever imagine not having it now.

— Katsy Joiner, Bracken Christian School

“Waldo improved our photo management exponentially. We have parents across the country, across the world, and Waldo is just so easy for them to use.”

Christian Mims, Riverside Military Academy