Selfie help

Waldo’s face-matching technology works best when Waldo has a good clear selfie. The better the selfie, the more matches you’ll get!


Here are 5 quick tips for selfie success!

  1. Turn on the lights. Step out of the shade and into the light. Dark or blurry photos means fewer matches and that makes Waldo sad!

  2. De-accessorize. Take off your hat, sunglasses, and superhero mask and show your face in all its glory.

  3. Keep the SELF in selfie. That means only one face per selfie, please! You should be the only person in the photo.

  4. Look up. Hold your phone up in front of you like a mirror then look UP at the camera button at the top of your phone. (We know, it’s tempting to look at your own cute face. But leave that to Waldo.)

  5. Smile big! 

Selfie 101.png