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Simple photo sharing. Powered by AI and mobile delivery. Apple. Yep. Android. Check. Web. I got you.

Simplified photo sharing with friends, powered by AI and mobile delivery

Waldo gets it. Texting. Emailing. Air dropping. Oh, wait, you’re on Android. It’s exhausting. Not anymore. Seamlessly share photos with friends via Apple, Android, and Web.

Running out of phone storage? Not to worry. Shutterbug’s get up to 200GB of storage!

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Sharing photos with groups is easier than ever!

Do you have photos on Dropbox or Google Photos never seen by those you captured? Are you still waiting on photos to be emailed or texted? Waldo gets it!
Crowdsource photos
Invite others to contribute directly to your albums, and review them prior to publishing.
Security and privacy protection
You control who can upload to your albums and view and download your photos.
Wireless DSLR upload
Waldo allows auto-upload to the cloud from your DSLR as soon as you hear the click.
Mobile alerts for photo matches
Any time Waldo finds you in a gallery you’ve requested he search, he sends you a matched photo alert.


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Available on Apple, Android and Web, Waldo makes sharing photos with friends a breeze. Everyone’s photos, seamlessly shared, and automatically delivered.

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