Waldo helps you deliver your action photos in 3 simple steps.

Using proprietary facial and numbered jersey recognition, Waldo can deliver athlete photos to the people who will cherish them in near real-time — letting everyone live the moment.

Attendees upload photos

Your photographers and staff upload shots taken at your sports event. Photos can be uploaded on the spot through wireless DSLR uploading!

Athletes upload a selfie

Waldo will find and match photos based on a selfie uploaded by the athlete or their families before the event.

Waldo finds and delivers their photos!

Waldo sifts, sorts, and delivers found photos of athletes in near real-time, and delivers them directly to their families via text or push notification.

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Features that will get your sports photography to the next level

Facial recognition at a youth sports game

Facial & numbered jersey recognition delivery

Waldo matches photos of athletes and automatically delivers them to their families. Say goodbye to swarms of parent phone calls asking for photos — Waldo does it all for your families!

An easier way for your families to share photos

Families will receive all found photos of their athlete in near real-time, right in their mobile. Families can then easily share their received photos onto social within a few taps, or better yet — invite their other family members and friends who missed the game to view the photos on Waldo!


Crowdsource your action photos for your marketing

At sporting events, there are photographers, shutterbug parents, event staff, participants — all with DSLRs and smartphone cameras right at their disposal. You can easily invite everyone to join and contribute photos to your event album on Waldo with a join code.

Enjoy free photography from every attendee that you can repurpose for your marketing prints and on social media!

Amplify your reach with branded photo shares

Every photo delivered by Waldo automatically has your brand filter imprinted upon it, and every social share from the Waldo app also comes prefilled with your brand's hashtag. With Waldo's instant photo delivery, photos of your event can be shared online in near real-time, amplifying your event's reach and visibility by up to 45x!


Generate new revenue from photo sales

Sell more action photos with mobile purchasing and near real-time delivery. Increase your print sales via easy in-app purchasing available on the day of the event, as well as long after.

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Waldo-fy your sports event today!