The Wedding Colors Trending in 2023

September 6, 2022

Colors spin the tale of a wedding. Come to think of it: without deciding on the color theme, it’s impossible to move on to other wedding decisions like your bridesmaids’ dresses, the wedding invitation design, or the floral decor. With a rainbow of possibilities – finalizing your wedding colors is certainly a challenging (and exciting) task.

Are you looking for subtle elegance? How about a generous splash of drama? Does your wedding idea demand closeness to nature? Whatever your preferences, we’re here to help you align your wedding color dreams with the latest trends of the year.

Explore this short-and-sweet wedding color scheme guide for your big day to dazzle in 2023! 

1. Enchanting Shades of Green

Image credits: Stephanie Green

The year 2023 is all about embellishing your wedding with lots of greens. Weddings incorporate the gorgeous greens by blending actual lush foliage with green décor paraphernalia – either as accents or primary notes. Popular green palettes will include colors like sage green mixed with peaches, blush, or gold.

The floral arrangement will likely include olive branches, English ivy, eucalyptus, and ferns. Green looks graceful year-round. Style your bridesmaids in sleek green outfits or have the groom flaunt a patterned green tie. Emerald green engagement rings are another style statement within this trend. 

2. Overflowing Earth Tones

Image credits: Rock My Wedding

Splashing the decor with earthy palettes is another gorgeous wedding color trend for 2023. Beige, dusty rose, nude, and the good old rust are set to dominate global wedding decors. Putting the environment in the spotlight post-pandemic is what makes this trend so unique.

The bright whites will be replaced with rustic browns and khaki. The idea here is to intermix the warm golden glow with a textured floral aesthetic. Luxurious velvet, faux fur, or silk can complement golden metallic pieces, bleached greenery, and desert tones. If you’re looking for a dramatic touch, you can infuse some black accents into the color palette. 

3. Refreshing Blues

Image credits: Millie Batista

Nothing can be more refreshing than the oh-so-blue wedding look. The Pantone Color of the year (2022) – Very Peri – is set to dominate trendy wedding venues across the globe. The blue hues will also oscillate more on quirky, uncommon, and fine-art-type shades like the French ultramarines and cerulean blues.

For beach weddings and/or rustic weddings alike – fresh light blues and whimsical pastel blues are set to merge to lend a refreshing air to the weddings. Fall wedding palettes will see lots of pretty light blues paired with terracotta orange or mustard yellow. You can place the blue in your color theme through details like colored glassware, boutique ribbons, or chinoiserie plates. You can scatter holographic or iridescent accents on a dusty blue color palette for a more vibrant look. 

4. Delicate Purples

How can we forget the stupefying romantic look the rich purple hue has to offer? The weddings of 2023 have richer color stories to tell with shades of vibrant purple and Veri Peri. The classic color palette concoction here throws in bright hues – pink, purple, coral, or even black – with the subtle Very Peri for beautiful, year-round wedding decor.

5. The Yellow Dissonance 

Yellow is happiness. Yellow is brightness. Yellow is your wedding smiling big. Splash the yellow on a white base, and you have a bright wedding look for the spring season. Merge the yellow with the browns, and your palette becomes warmer and more elegant. 

You can sweep the venue off its feet with pretty daffodils or add subtle drama with the leaves of the fall. Velvety mustard can pair especially well with the green foliage for a more edgy and refreshing style.  

6. Dramatic Color Pops

As 2023 bids farewell to the well-worn pastels, the more dramatic hues start to take center stage. However, the important thing to remember with bolder and brighter hues is the location and environment of the wedding venue. 

Be sure to balance your bold colors by adding some relaxed hues. For instance, berry and purple color pops can gorgeously complement base palettes like faded blues or blush pinks. The goal here is to add dimension to the setting with a smart interplay of the vibrant and the subtle. 

When the Big Day Finally Arrives…

Choosing the right color theme, from captivating neutral hues to whimsical color cascades, decides how your wedding will unfold – both on your wedding day and in your photographs. Be sure to choose a theme that matches your personality, imagination, and your wedding photo album aesthetics. 

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