Top 12 Wedding Colors Trending in 2023

September 6, 2022
Top 12 Trendy Wedding Colors for 2023

Wedding planning is full of details to consider. What season do you want to get married in, where do you want to select a venue, what type of flowers, what style of dress… the list goes on. The idea of wedding planning can easily feel daunting and even exhausting at times. 


Selecting the colors you want for your wedding is a good place to start when narrowing your list of to-do’s for wedding planning. While choosing colors for your wedding can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be! We have compiled this resourceful guide with the top 12 trending wedding colors for 2023 to help make your decision easier. Let’s take a look at the top 12 trending wedding colors for 2023 and 2024.

1. Emerald Green

Green wedding theme

Emerald green is a staple wedding color for all the seasons. You can’t go wrong with choosing an emerald green for your wedding. 

In 2022, emerald green was one of the top trending colors for decor. Now in 2023, we’re seeing the shade of green expand more into the wedding industry as a top trending color. 

2023 brides are pairing emerald green with a variety of color palettes. Blush pink, light blue, or silver are great color combinations to consider pairing with emerald green. 
If you need emerald green bridesmaid dresses, we have you covered! Birdy Grey has many emerald green bridesmaid dresses to check out.

2. Earth Tones

Earth tones wedding dress

Earth tones are in for 2023 weddings and we’re so excited! Earth tones consist of versatile colors ranging from terracotta oranges to earthy greens, to tans. Earthy colors each have a hint of brown, so think of any colors of the earth combined with a little brown to curate the perfect earthy tones palette for your wedding. 

Earth tones are great for any season, but pair especially well with fall months like September and October. If you opt for an earth-toned wedding, Flower Moxie is a great resource to gain inspiration for your wedding florals.

3. Lavender

lavender tones

Lavender is back again as a trendy wedding color for 2023. Lavender symbolizes elegance and beauty. It’s a wonderful color to implement into your wedding day color palette. 

Lavender weddings are especially popular during the spring and summer months of the year. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, lavender is sure to nicely complement your wedding. 

If you have a lavender color wedding, having lavender flowers at your wedding is the perfect addition. Pinterest is a great place to search for wedding flower ideas. Search for the term “lavender wedding flowers” in the Pinterest Search Bar and it will reveal endless inspiration full of lavender. 

4. Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose wedding colors

Dusty Rose is a popular wedding color choice amongst 2023 brides. Whether dusty rose is your main color or a complementary color, it’s a great color choice for a timeless and elegant wedding. 

Fortunately, the dusty rose looks great for all seasons. You don’t have to wait for the right month to have a beautiful dusty rose wedding.

If you’re in need of dusty rose bridesmaid dresses, David’s Bridal has many different styles and variations of dusty roses to choose from.

5. Orange

Orange Wedding Theme

Orange is a versatile color we’ll be seeing for more weddings in 2023. Popular shades of orange are rust orange, bold orange for a pop of color, and coral. 

Shades of orange can fit any season! Rust orange is great for fall and winter, bold orange for the spring, and coral for the summer months.

We’re so excited to see all the Halloween-themed weddings this year! 

If you’re getting married in late October and thinking about a Halloween-themed wedding, orange is the perfect color for your wedding. 
Amazon has many affordable options for orange wedding decor.

6. Sage Green

Sage green Wedding Colors

Sage green is a beautiful green shade to implement into your wedding color palette. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, sage green is sure to complement your wedding and look great in photos. 

2023 brides are opting to pair sage green with darker shades of green, gold, navy blue, or dusty pink. Sage green is so versatile and looks beautiful with many different color combinations. 

💡 PRO TIP: If green is your thing, we created a blog with the top 5 green wedding colors for 2023.

7. Yellow

Yellow wedding color

Yellow is often an overlooked color for weddings, but it’s in for 2023 weddings and we’re so excited! Brighter shades of yellow are perfect for bringing a pop of color to your wedding. If you’re into darker shades of yellow, they make a good primary wedding color for your color palette. 

Another positive to a yellow wedding is it suits any season. Regardless of the season you’re having your wedding, various shades of yellow will complement each season of the year. 

Pinterest is a great resource to gather inspiration for wedding day florals. Type “yellow wedding florals” in the Pinterest Search Bar to view hundreds of yellow flower arrangements.

8. Navy Blue

Navy Blue wedding colors

Navy blue is a classic wedding color to incorporate into your wedding. It’s been a trending wedding color for several years and it’s popular again for 2023 weddings. Navy blue pairs well with any season. We have listed popular color combinations by season below.

  • Spring Wedding: Navy blue & blush pink 
  • Summer Wedding: Navy blue & yellow 
  • Fall Wedding: Navy blue & gold 
  • Winter Wedding: Navy blue & burgundy 

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9. Blush Pink

Blush pink wedding colors

Blush pink is a beautiful wedding color to implement into your wedding palette. While blush pink makes a gorgeous primary color option, many 2023 brides are opting to have blush pink as a complementary color for their wedding to nicely pair with their primary color choice. 

Blush pink shades are versatile and can be easily incorporated into many wedding color palettes. Blush pink is commonly paired with shades of green, darker pinks and reds, and navy blue. These are only a few color suggestions, but the color combinations with blush pink are endless. 

JJ’s House has a wide variety of affordable blush pink bridesmaid dresses

10. Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

Dusty blue is a wedding color choice you can’t go wrong with. Whether you choose an indoor venue, a small destination wedding in the mountains, or a wedding on the beach, dusty blue is sure to complement your location. 

It’s a versatile color with many shades to choose from. Many 2023 brides are pairing dusty blue with greens, tans, and darker shades of blue. No matter the season or location, Dusty Blue is in for 2023. 

If you’re soon to be engaged and are into unique style engagement rings, dusty blue could be the perfect choice for you! Etsy is a great place to look for inspiration and even potentially purchase your engagement ring. In the Etsy Search Bar, type “dusty blue engagement rings” to view hundreds of colors and styles to choose from.

11. Wine

Wine wedding colors

Shades of wine have been a popular wedding color choice for several years. Wine is trending again for 2023 weddings and we’re excited to see how 2023 brides will implement the color into their special day. 

Wine is a good color choice for brides who are really into wedding florals. The shade pairs very nicely with a wide variety of colors and leaves room for creativity. 

If you’re in need of wine-colored bridesmaid dresses, The Dessy Group has many different options to choose from in their online store.

12. Champagne

Champagne wedding color

Last but not least is the color champagne. Champagne is both an elegant and romantic wedding color choice. 2023 brides are popularly pairing champagne with various shades of greens, pinks, or earthy tones. 

Champagne is a great wedding color choice because it pairs well in any season and there are many color combinations to choose from. Regardless of the season you get married, champagne will nicely complement your wedding. From bridesmaid dresses to decor to wedding invitations, champagne is a beautiful color to implement into your wedding. 

💡 PRO TIP: Etsy is a great resource to help you find champagne wedding invitations.

Choosing the Best Photogenic Colors for Your Wedding

Which palette is best for your wedding? If you’re struggling to narrow it down, think about your wedding photos. Consider which colors make you and your wedding venue pop. Order samples or print out your favorite palettes, grab the camera, and head to your venue for a mini photoshoot.

💡 PRO TIP: If you already picked your palette but need help narrowing down venues, take your palette to each venue to compare.

What colors make you and your venue look amazing in photos? That’s your wedding color palette! Your wedding photos are so important. These wedding memories will last a lifetime. Get more wedding photos from the big day with these personalized QR code photo drop signs. Wedding guests take 25 photos on average that the celebrated couple never sees. Get more wedding photos of your awesome wedding and gorgeous color palette.