Waldo delivers photos to your guests in 3 simple steps.

Your guests submit a selfie

Your guests upload their selfies via the free Waldo app.

Waldo finds their photos

Waldo uses facial recognition to find photos of your guests. 

Photos delivered in near-real time

Photos are delivered to your guests in near real-time via text or the Waldo app.

Travel businesses, resorts, and attractions that Waldo is perfect for

Waldo is perfect for…


Travel agencies

Amusement parks



Science centers


Boost your photo sales

Sell more photo passes with mobile purchasing and near real-time delivery. Increase your print sales via easy in-app purchasing available from the day of, as well as long after their visit.

Photos sold through WaldoTravel with a simple click on mobile
Streamline operations like photo booths with WaldoTravel

Streamline your operations

With the ease of mobile delivery and ordering, you can spend less money on on-site operations and require less personnel to handle souvenir photo booths and printing.

Amplify your brand’s reach on social

Photos shared by your guests on social media through Waldo will automatically have your brand filter integrated on them. Turn your guests into your most powerful online marketing assets. Their real-time post of branded photos will prove marketing gold.

Shared photos through Waldo have integrated brand filters on them
Waldograms for Business

Drive repeat visits with personalized direct mail

Send past guests direct mail featuring photos of them from their visit. Waldograms for Business leverages facial recognition to automate the personalization of your direct mail!

Secure mobile photo proof delivery

Waldo’s proprietary FaceBlocker feature brings advanced copyright protection to mobile proofs. Say goodbye to screen captures and hello to mobile proof delivery that drives photos sales.

Waldo's FaceBlocker in action
Waldo's DSLR upload in action

Upload directly from DSLR

Photos can be uploaded to Waldo directly from your DSLR! This way, when a photo is snapped of your guests, it’s delivered to their phones in near real-time as proof of purchase.

Separator - Excited Waldo

Let's Waldo-fy your operations!

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