Waldo-fying Graduation with Waldo Scholarships

January 31, 2021

As a principal, administrator or teacher, we know how proud you are of your High School seniors.  You’ve seen them grow from freshman teens to young adults with your teachings, values and life lessons guiding their path.  Their success is your passion and watching them walk across the stage this spring is seeing the fruition of your hard work and dedication.

You’ve prepared them to succeed in college but the path before them, as you know, isn’t straight forward.  Paying for post secondary education is quite often the most challenging obstacle students face as the price of higher education has skyrocketed over the past 30 years.  That’s why we have developed the school industry’s first turnkey graduation photo program which your PTA/O, or other non-profit fundraising group, can turn into a powerful fundraiser for college scholarships for your most deserving seniors. 

It is a win-win for all your graduates’ families as they enjoy instant digital delivery of all their moments captured before, during and after the graduation ceremony while knowing that the majority of the proceeds from their photo package will go towards a scholarship to help a deserving student as they look to embark on their college journey.

The Waldo Graduation Day Scholarship Program

The Waldo Graduation Day Scholarship Program complements our highly-rated photo delivery service that is changing the way schools share photos through facial recognition and near real-time digital photo delivery via text and app alerts to families with an ability to easily order print packages drop shipped directly to their doorsteps. Current graduation day photography is stuck in the past with families waiting up to 6 weeks to receive proofs which are often delivered via snail mail. To make things worse, the price gouging has schools receiving a small sliver of the revenue derived from the photo sales. With Waldo’s Graduation Day Photo Program, your families can receive their photos, delivered directly to their phones, the evening of the ceremony. This lets mom and dad, and the rest of the family, post their favorite stage shots or candids to social media while in the moment.. Your school will receive all profits from digital photos subscriptions and print packages sales with Waldo only charging a 20% fee for delivering each family their photos within seconds of upload, processing of print orders and drop ship delivery to your families doorsteps.

Community Initiative Loved by Parents

Your parents will love your new scholarship initiative and rally around their graduating class as a community effort.  Before graduation day Waldo’s team will provide you all of the necessary marketing materials to let your parents know about the program.  Not only will they love the scholarship program, parents around the country are raving about Waldo’s photo sharing and delivery platform and it will be a buzz at graduation as photos are received in near real-time and shared..

How Waldo Works

At Waldo we believe in “Living the Moment” and with our AI-powered mobile delivery platform we make delivering photos of this important celebration a breeze and allow families to sit back and be in the moment, knowing they will get their priceless photos delivered via text alerts, in near real-time. Let us capture and deliver your graduation AND allow you to live in the moment.

Because we deliver photos the evening of the ceremony with optional brand filters and auto-hashtagging of social posts, your school’s brand is amplified through the social footprints of your parents and students!

Photographer snaps and uploads photos
Your appointed photographers snap and upload photos directly onto Waldo’s centralized photo storage. Teachers and staff can also contribute their snaps!

Families upload a selfie of their graduate
Using proprietary face-matching technology, Waldo will find photos of their graduate based on the selfie uploaded.

Waldo finds and delivers their photos!
All found photos will be sorted and delivered right to the mobiles of your families, in near real-time!

FaceBlocker™ copyright protection
When Waldo finds a matched photo of a graduate, parents receive photos with FaceBlocker™ activated to prevent unauthorized downloads. Clean photos are delivered only when purchases are made.

Schools ❤️ Waldo for Graduation Day

Built for schools, Waldo’s photo management solution allows schools to organize Graduation Day photos in less time. Once photos are uploaded, Waldo does everything else, from sifting and sorting to printing and delivering photo purchases to parents. And your school can send your most deserving graduates off with a scholarship from the monies raised through photo sales.

To the class of 2021 — congratulations!

Team Waldo wants to extend our best wishes to all graduates and their families. We applaud your milestones and achievements, and wish you a successful and exciting future!

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