WaldoMoments: Be brave, be kind, lead on!

Be brave at summer camp.jpg

This summer, Waldo will be finding and delivering camper's photos at about 100 camps across the United States. 

But it's about more than photos - these are the special moments we remember for the rest of our lives. That first time you make it to the top of the climbing wall; that game night where you lead your team to a first-place finish; that new lifelong friend you made that you otherwise never would have met.

We want to highlight these special moments that illustrate a few core values at summer camp:

• Bravery

• Kindness

• Leadership

Share stories, win a Waldo t-shirt!

Share your camper's photos with a caption that illustrates one of these three values and tag #waldomoments on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We'll pick 5 winners each week to feature and send each winner a free Waldo t-shirt!  

Have fun this summer! And remember: Be brave, be kind, and lead on!