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Waldo's facial recognition technology for summer camps was recently featured on CBS This Morning, USA Today, and other local news outlets across the United States. Watch this brief highlight reel to join the Waldo-mania. Learn more about Waldo for summer camps.


Five minutes with Rodney Rice, app creator (Texas Lifestyle Magazine)

Rodney Rice is the founder of Waldo Photos, a facial recognition-powered photo-sharing app.

With his app, Rice has focused on helping families easily discover all the photos taken of their children by others during memorable moments. He created Waldo after he found himself chasing down photos of his own kids.


Facial recognition technology helping parents see their children at camp

AUSTIN — Parents are now using facial recognition technology to help them see their little ones away at more than 100 camps across the country, including several in the Central Texas area.

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Austin company Waldo Photos has new way to find kids’ camp photos (Austin360)

Every July, as I send my kids to a three-week camp near Waco, I become a crazy person. Each day, I log into the camp’s photo site and begin searching like a mad woman for proof of life. On days, when there might be a happy, smiling photo of one of them, I’m over the moon. On days when I can’t find them anywhere, I’m in the depths of depression and worry. Are they having a good time? Are they participating? Is everyone playing nicely with others? Do they have any friends.

This whole process takes hours. Each day.


Waldo Raises $5 Million For A Photo-Finding Platform Targeting Professional Photographers & Events (TechCrunch)

Numerous startups over the years have tried to tackle the problem of helping people track down the photos others have taken, but hadn’t yet shared with you. Today, the outsize winner in the space is Facebook, whose Moments application has taken over the social network’s photo syncing function, while leveraging Facebook’s massive scale to allow for easier private photo-sharing.

But a new Austin-based startup called Waldo Photos, from HomeAdvisor’s co-founders, has a different angle on this issue. Instead of trying to deliver friends’ photos to your smartphone, it’s focused on working with professional photographers, including those at events like concerts and games, who can then zap photos of you to your phone automatically.

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A New Way to Use Facial Recognition to Find Photos of You (MIT Technology Review)

A startup is trying to make it simpler to find photos of you that were taken by people you know and professional photographers by using a combination of facial recognition, GPS, and time-stamping to track the images down.

Waldo, a startup based in Austin, Texas, plans to release a smartphone app in two to three months that asks you to snap a selfie. It then uses that selfie—along with your locations over time—to figure out if any photos have been taken of you at, say, a rock concert or a wedding that have been shared with Waldo. Any photos it finds are then dropped into an album in the app on your smartphone, and an alert will let you know that they’ve arrived.