What folks are sayin' about Waldo 

Richard Bombach.png

Richard Bombach
Camp Director at Camp Balcones Springs, Texas

“Having Waldo be a part of the Camp Balcones Springs summer program was an incredible addition. Our camper families no longer needed to scroll through thousands of pictures to find their children. Instead, they would wake up to pictures of their children having an incredible time! Not only did it make the lives our of camper families easier, it also helped our camp photographer, as the Waldo application allowed her to manage how many pictures she had taken of each camper! It created accountability inside our offices and as a direct result, we received fewer emails and calls from parents about campers who weren’t in pictures!”

Vanessa Brady.png

Vanessa Brady
Mom of Waldo camper

“I love Waldo because it so simple. Not having to scroll through hundreds of camp photos to find the few you’re interested in is a total game changer! My only question is, “Why isn’t everyone using Waldo!? This is one app that definitely made my life easier!”


Caroline Frankenfeld
Counselor at Camp Balcones Springs, Texas

“Waldo was important to me because camp is so important to me. Camp Balcones Springs has been my home away from home for 8 summers, which have easily been the best summers of my life. It means so much to me that I can have easy access to high quality pictures because I really do cherish them all year long. I'm so grateful to have had Waldo this summer!!”


Aldolfo Garcia
Counselor at Camp Balcones Springs, Texas

“Waldo gave me something to look forward to every time I got a break. Even for the short amount of time that I had my phone, I knew I didn't have to spend a single second of it looking through thousands of pictures for the ones I actually wanted to see.”


Alice Myer
Director of Marketing at T Bar M Camps

“The Waldo team is responsive, customer-focused and fun. Most importantly, the Waldo (fundraising model) helped us reach our goal of $75,000 for our “Bless a Coach” fund … we are so excited to send those “blessings” to our Coaches (counselors), which goes toward their college expenses.”


Jennifer Brock
Mom of Waldo camper

“What a great concept! I can see the pictures my daughter is in without having to look through 800+ photos and she can still see all the pictures of her friends from camp. This is one of those ideas that you wish you had thought of first. Bravo, Waldo!!”