Personalized direct mail is marketing’s comeback kid.
Especially during the Holidays!

Studies show that personalized marketing in the form of physical mailed cards drives higher response rates!

55% more likely to be read

People are more likely to open and read direct mail that are customized for them.

135% increased response

People are more likely to respond and take actions when a name is included in a direct mail with full color.

35% try new businesses

Consumers are more willing to try new businesses after receiving direct mail.

Send thousands of cards in just a few simple clicks.

With Waldograms for Business, you can bulk send as many personalized cards as you want within a few clicks.

Upload your contacts

Upload your contacts easily via CSV into your very own Waldo address book.

Personalize your card

Customize cards with your customers’ photos, messages, and even personalize the stamp!

Hit send!

Once you’re done, all you have to do is hit send. Waldo will print and mail all your Waldograms for you!

Save contacts in your Waldo address book

Upload your contacts easily via CSV to your Waldo address book. Save key information like addresses, birthdays, and more!

Waldograms for Business address book

Tailor your card to every recipient, for every occasion

Select a photo for your recipient, customize a message, and even personalize the stamp with optional emoji. Stay connected with your customers on every occasion — birthdays, thank yous, holiday greetings, you name it!

The more you send, the less you spend

When you send with Waldograms for Business, you enjoy discounted commercial rates. The more Waldograms you send, the cheaper every Waldogram gets!

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Thank you Waldo, you’re amazing!

Getting my account set-up was a breeze and the Waldo team was amazing to work with. Thank you Waldo!

— Michael H., TX