Why Tagging Your Camp Photos During the Summer Pays Big Dividends All Year Round

July 2, 2024
two female children on a sports field with their hands up about to high five

Summer camp is a magical time filled with adventures, friendships, and unforgettable moments. As a camp director, photographer, or counselor, capturing these memories is only the first step. Organizing and tagging these photos can significantly enhance the value and impact of your camp’s visual content. This blog explores why tagging your camp photos during the summer pays big dividends all year round.

Two Types of Tagging: AI-based and Custom

AI-Powered Facial Recognition

Advanced photo management platforms like WaldoCamps leverage AI-powered facial recognition to streamline the tagging process. The AI identifies individual campers in photos and tags them automatically, reducing the manual effort required by staff. The industry’s most advanced platforms, like WaldoCamps, will also further curate photos from strongest to weakest by camper.

Custom Tagging for Specific Events and Activities

Beyond AI-powered tagging, with WaldoCamps, you can use custom tags as well to further categorize photos by a specific event, activity, theme, or intended use, e.g. Facebook, birthday card, slideshow, etc. This allows you to filter and search for photos based on multiple criteria, making it easier to find the perfect images for various purposes during the off-season.

Benefits of Adding Custom Tags Throughout the Summer

Streamline Off-season Marketing

When the camp season ends, you’ll likely have projects such as creating social posts, website updates, slideshows, yearbooks, or marketing materials. Having a well-tagged photo library makes these tasks much more manageable. You can quickly curate the summer’s best moments without spending hours searching through thousands of photos.

Off-Season Advantages of Tagged Photos

Improved Social Media Engagement

The combination of camper tags and custom tags can help you improve your content posted to social media throughout the year. Regularly posting quality camp photos throughout the year will keep your camp’s online presence active and engaging. Applying custom tags throughout the camp season allows you to quickly find photos that resonate well with your audience and highlight the diverse activities and fun experiences at your camp. Tags by camper will allow you to more easily be geographically diverse with your post and keep the entirety of your community engaged.

Memorabilia for Tenured Campers

Over the years, your camp will accumulate a vast library of photos. When tagged by a camper, it allows for creating amazing memorabilia that encourages and rewards tenure. Image being able to curate and deliver a photobook to all 5 or 10-year campers, in a few clicks.

Stay Connected with Personalized Cards and Prints

Photos tagged by camper create a powerful opportunity to get very personalized with your offseason communication. With content management platforms like WaldoCamps, you can send personalized birthday cards and collages featuring each camper’s most memorable moments from the past season. The combination of AI-based tags and custom tags allow camps to easily and quickly send the best photo of each camper from the past season on a personalized birthday card or generate auto-spotlights for the best 5 or 10 photos of each camper to quickly generate a camp- branded collage.

Facilitating Staff Training and Development

Tagged photos can also be used for staff training and development. By reviewing tagged images of past activities, staff can learn best practices, identify areas for improvement, and gain inspiration for new programs. This visual feedback loop helps maintain high standards and continuously improve the camp experience.

Practical Steps to Implement Photo Tagging

Choose the Right Platform

Select a photo management platform that supports tagging and integrates AI-powered features. WaldoCamps is an excellent choice for camps, offering facial recognition, custom tagging, best matches, auto-spotlights, and seamless sharing capabilities.

Train Your Staff

Ensure your staff is trained on how to use the photo management platform and the importance of tagging. Regularly remind them to tag photos throughout the summer as they see great photos that would make a great photo for a specific use, e.g. website home page, Instagram, or marketing brochure.

Set Up Automated Processes

Leverage the automated tagging features of your chosen platform to minimize manual work. Depending on the platform you choose, you can save countless curating hours, improve the quality of your marketing content, and stay connected with families through personalized memorabilia.


Tagging your camp photos during the summer pays big dividends all year round. From enhancing parent engagement and boosting marketing efforts to streamlining end-of-season projects and building a rich visual archive, the benefits are numerous. By investing in a robust photo management platform like WaldoCamps and implementing efficient tagging practices, you can maximize the value of your camp’s visual content and create lasting memories for campers and their families. Embrace the power of photo tagging and watch your camp thrive year after year.