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Waldo is a free photo sharing app combining AI and mobile photo delivery to connect the photographer to the photographed. The moments you care about the most, captured by others, delivered to you.

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Waldo makes securely storing and sharing photos a breeze for:

Pro & Amateur Photographers

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Your pics. Delivered.

You shoot. Those you shoot provide Waldo a selfie. Waldo finds their photos and delivers them via text and app alerts!

Facial recognition

Leverage AI to deliver everyone their photo needles out of the album haystack.

Mobile delivery

Push photos out via text and app alerts for greater engagement.

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Photos of each attendee delivered to each attendee

Increase engagement and buzz around your next event with Waldo's event app. Featuring real-time delivery, brand amplification, facial recognition, and more.

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Just looking for your photos?

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Learn how Waldo can help you get more out of your photos

Waldo is bringing AI and mobile photo delivery to summer camps, schools, youth sports, resorts, attractions and more. Waldo changes photo delivery from the antiquated hunting and pecking for photos in online galleries to mobile push delivery of each person's (photo) needles out of the (album) haystack via fun and engaging text or mobile app alerts.

Summer camp photo software that delivers

Your campers are living the moment. You should be too. No more worried parent phone calls, wondering if their child is having a good time. No more haphazard photo coverage. Just pure delight, delivered directly to your families’ phones every day.

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A secure way to share and deliver school photos

The photos are there. Waldo gets them out to your students' families, automagically sharing the moments that matter the most. Your teachers are busy and Waldo is here to save you time so your teachers can get back to what's important. All while building a new connection to your community through the photos you already have.

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