I’m ready to be your new photo sharing BFF!

How do I help my friends share photos you ask?


Looking for your pics?

People ❤️ me because…

I’m great at sharing.

I make it easy to crowdsource photos into a single gallery or album, and I play well with iOS, Android, and the Web.

I’m super smart.

My photo-finding superpowers save you. I automagically send everyone the photos they are in, using proprietary face-matching and jersey recognition technology!

I’m totally secure.

I let you control whether an album is hidden or searchable, and who can join or upload photos.

I’ve got free storage!

I’ll give you 20GB of free storage when you create and share.

Let’s be buddies. Join me for FREE now!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about Waldograms™!

Mail a personalized card right from your phone.

Totally personalized

Write your personal message and customize your stamp with a photo and emoji.

Pick a photo they’ll love

Use a photo from one of my galleries, your camera roll, or even take a new photo just for the card.

I’ll print and mail it for you

Let me take care of the printing and mailing so you can sit back and relax. That is, unless you really love refilling printer ink, buying photo paper, and going to the post office… 😉

Super affordable

Send a Waldogram to anyone in the US for only $1.99 — including postage. That’s hard to beat!

Did I mention that I work great with everyone?

I provide tailored solutions to serve the specific needs of schools, camps, youth sports, churches, events, and more!

Got Questions?

I’d love to show you how I can help you!