Waldo lets friends and families live the moment at Graduation Day in 3 simple steps

Instead of letting friends and families scramble for shots, Waldo helps deliver photos directly to their mobiles in near real-time during Graduation Day.

Photographer snaps and uploads photos

Appointed photographers snap and upload photos directly onto Waldo’s centralized photo storage. Teachers and staff can also contribute their snaps!

Families upload a selfie of their grad

Using proprietary face-matching technology, Waldo will find photos of their graduate based on the selfie uploaded.

Waldo finds and delivers their photos!

All found photos will be sorted and delivered right to the mobiles of friends and families, in near real-time!

Modernize your Graduation Day photography

Say goodbye to clunky, overpriced platforms — let Waldo’s proprietary technology simplify and incentivize your Graduation Day photography.

Face-matching technology with near real-time mobile delivery

Waldo sifts, sorts, and delivers photos of graduates and automatically delivers them to their families, utilizing proprietary facial recognition technology.

FaceBlocker™ copyright protection

When Waldo finds a matched photo of a graduate, parents receive photos with FaceBlocker™ activated to prevent unauthorized downloads. Clean photos are delivered only when purchases are made.

Print photo packages, ordered via mobile

Waldo allows parents to order print photo packages through easy online ordering and payment in the Waldo app. Prints are then drop shipped conveniently right to the door steps of parents!

Schools ❤️ Waldo for Graduation Day, because it…

Simplifies photo management

Built for schools, Waldo’s free photo management solution allows schools to organize Graduation Day photos in less time. Once photos are uploaded, Waldo does everything else, from sifting and sorting to printing and delivering photo purchases to parents.

Drop ships photo purchases directly

Waldo can deliver photo purchases to parents digitally or through drop shipping, providing both parents and schools a convenient win-win.

In-app branding filters

As Waldo delivers photos the evening of the ceremony with optional brand filters and auto-hashing of social posts, your school’s brand is amplified through the social footprints of your parents and students!

Waldo-fy your Graduation Day today!