Professional graduation photos delivered to your families’ smartphone in near real-time.

Hispanic Student And Family Celebrating Graduation

Graduation brings with it a roller coaster of emotions for students, families, teachers and administrators. It marks the close of one chapter and the beginning of the next and provides participants a sense of achievement that often lasts a lifetime.

At Waldo we believe in “Living the Moment” and with our AI-powered mobile delivery platform we make delivering photos of this important celebration a breeze allowing families to sit back and be in the moment, knowing they will get their priceless photos delivered via text alerts, in near real-time.

Three Reasons Why Waldo Should Be Your Graduation Day Photo Partner


Real time, mobile delivery of hi-res digital photos with a 2-tap print package to doorstep option. No more paper order forms to deal with! 


A pricing package that offers lower cost options for families AND more revenue for your school!


Because we deliver photos the evening of the ceremony with optional brand filters and auto-hashing of social post, your school’s brand is amplified through the social footprints of your parents and students!

What People Are Saying

I'm loving this Waldo app!

"I love getting all the photos of my middle schooler from Waldo. At one point I thought the service was broken because it sent me a photo where I didn’t see my child. Then, I took a closer look. There she was – one of 50 kids cheering on a JV game! So yes, facial recognition does work! And, instant sharing with grandparents..."

- Katsy

What a great concept!

"I can see the pictures my daughter is in without having to look through 800+ photos. This is one of those ideas that you wish you had thought of first. Bravo Waldo!!"

- Jennifer

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