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Photo Manager

Thanks to Waldo you can enjoy robust gallery controls with the smartest photo manager platform ever made. Accelerate your organization’s growth through automated engagement & branding tools. It’s time to get the most out of your photos!

$299.99 / year

  • 1TB photo & video storage
  • Unlimited contributors & photo moderation
  • Easy QR code & SMS gallery inviting
  • Web and mobile app viewing
  • Automated slideshow builder
  • Standard & custom print ordering
  • Custom tagging & searching
  • Automated photo branding
  • Personalized direct mail builder

Looking for AI-powered photo delivery?

With a Photo Manager subscription, any gallery can automatically sort your photos by person and deliver everyone the photos they’re in. Check out our flexible plans below!


Photo Finder bundles

You purchase and everyone gets their photos at no cost.

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Plus subscribers automatically receive their photos.

No cost to you.

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Gallery or Album subscriptions

Anyone who purchases automatically receives the photos they’re in.

No cost to you. Revenue share opportunities.

Please sign up for a free trial in order to see additional options for Photo Delivery.

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