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Waldo is a photo-finding phenom combining facial and jersey recognition with location awareness and mobile-first photo delivery.

With Waldo, every photo of you and your family, taken by others, is seamlessly delivered to your smartphone via text and app alerts. Whether at your daughter’s tennis match, missing your kids at summer camp, on a family vacation, or in your best friend’s wedding, Waldo finds all your family’s photos and delivers them to you.

With Waldo, you can “Live the Moment” while automagically receiving all your memories captured by others. Available on Apple, Android, and web, featuring a wireless DSLR uploader to the Waldo app.

In 2020, Waldo found and delivered 3,311,750 photos!

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Waldo brings AI and a mobile photo delivery platform to schools, summer camps, pro & amateur photographers, youth sports, resorts, weddings, and events.

Using proprietary technologies that combine facial & object recognition, GPS, and real-time cloud delivery with the convenience of a text-based interface, Waldo enables photos to flow from the photographer to the photographed, as seamlessly as they should.

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” I love Waldo because it’s so simple. Not having to scroll through hundreds of photos to find the few you’re interested in is a total game changer! “

Vanessa Brady, Camper mom

” Parents came up to us on closing day and said: You can change whatever you want to change about camp but don’t change Waldo! We love it! “

Larry Johnson, Director @ Camp Skyline, CODA President

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Waldo Photos was ranked the 8th best remote company to work for in 2020 by Global Careers. Help us revolutionize mobile photo delivery and work on exciting projects with a team of talented people from all over the world!