Give your families the gift of memories!

Waldo’s facial and jersey recognition powered mobile app automagically delivers school photos to those who will cherish them.

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An easy to use photo platform built for schools, powered by facial and jersey recognition and mobile delivery

Waldo-fying your school’s photos will:

  • Let your families live their moments instead of frantically trying to capture them

  • Enable your staff to benefit from automated curation and powerful tagging tools

  • Build community and elevate your brand on social media

  • Allow for securely crowdsourcing photos while maintaining sensible controls

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Why Schools ❤️ Waldo

Waldo uses facial and jersey recognition to tag and seamlessly organize 
all of your school’s photos 
by student. And delivers those photos to the students and their families.

With Waldo, schools can easily crowd source staff, media, and students’ photos into a secure gallery while maintaining control over which photos are published.

Waldo unlocks the value of your school photography by letting your students easily share branded and hashed photos on social media!

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Do not publish

Our Do Not Publish (DNP) security feature was created to protect students. Any photo containing a DNP student will not be published in any public gallery. Waldo will simply remove those photos.

For certain eyes only

With unique album codes and mobile pin code validation, Waldo enables you to collect and share all your photos in a secure environment.

Easy yearbook curation

Facial recognition powered dashboard enables you to view analytics and pick favorites for each student to plan photo coverage and curate yearbook.

Photo fun for the whole family. Grandma too!

Parents can invite up to 6 family members to the photo stream, which means connecting more grandparents (and alumni!) to your school events and fundraising.

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