“Parents told us we could change anything with our camp program as long as we didn’t change Waldo!”

— Larry Johnson, Director & Owner of Camp Skyline

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The Waldo Family

“My wife and I wished we had all those photos taken by others over 20 years”

12 years of summer camps, 10 years of countless school and sporting events, 6 graduations, 50th birthdays, a 20th anniversary, and the passing of grandparents. So many cameras, capturing so many memories — but where did they all go?

I knew there had to be a better way of sharing photos — one where people can receive the photos they want from others, without waiting for texts, emails, or shared folders which never happens.

I’m excited to share Waldo with you and hope you can live the moment while still getting the photos to remember them by.

Signed by

Rodney Rice
Founder & CEO, Waldo Photos

The Waldo Family

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Waldo improved our photo management exponentially. We are an international boarding school. We have parents across the country, across the world, and Waldo is just so easy for them to use.

The photo management platform has helped our marketing team stay extremely organized. It is now much easier to pull the content we need throughout the year.

— Christian Mims

Director of Marketing & Public Affairs
@ Riverside Military Academy

Waldo Customer since 2019

— Larry Johnson

Director @ Camp Skyline
CODA President

Waldo Customer since 2018

The ease of mind that our parents got when they woke up in the morning and got the pictures sent to their phone — it was a win-win for everyone involved.

Parents came up to us on closing day and said “you can change whatever you want to change about camp but don’t change Waldo! We love it!

Waldo’s photo finder feature saves me countless hours. In the past, I would have to come home and spend days sorting photos per contestant. Now, this is done for me within minutes!

The improvement that Waldo has brought to my photo management and delivery is huge. Waldo is basically a full time employee that I no longer need on my payroll. I love it!

— Krisna Goodwin

Goodwin Photography
Photographer of the Year 2018
Top 10 Pageant Planet

Waldo Customer since 2019

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This app is great if you don’t want to scroll through hundreds of photos to find the three or four of your own child. Waldo does a great job at finding his/her face among even large crowds. I love it.


I love this app. The facial and jersey recognition is super cool. Getting my kids pics from games and school events is awesome. And being able to upload from my DSLR directly to my phone is great.

Melodie Lee

Love this app. I get pictures of my kid and don’t have to sift through the hundreds of other kids. And Waldo even catches pictures that I missed!

MLB_camp mom

Facial recognition technology was fabulous, worked perfectly and captured all images of my son, even those where he was in the background.

Shantal V.

Love the quality of the photos and how easy it is to stay connected to my son during camp. I’m happy our camp is now using Waldo! Perfect choice and it’s free for the parents as well! ?????❤️


There is a cool feature of sending a postcard to your camper, I did that too. It was easy to share pictures of my camper with friends and relatives. Customer service was helpful and quick. I definitely recommend this App.


Loved being able to see what my child was doing during her camp time and be able to see some of the kids in her group that she was mentioning. Very easy to set up!

Gster Rock

My daughter is in a program where they post hundreds of photos a day. This app has face recognition and sends only the photos of my child. Saving me tons of scrolling. Love!!

Larisa Edwards

I love this app. We’ve used this at 3 pageants now, and always receive so many top quality photos that we have also used for photogenic entries. A wonderful way to receive professional photos.

Pami Joy

This is just so GREAT! So easy and convenient! What a super way to make someone feel a part of their loved ones adventure! Cannot say enough good things about WALDO! Love him! Waldo Rocks!


Easily sharing with folks who use different types of phones is nice. Makes creating a common album for events really easy. Hats off to the Waldo team for creating a great app!


Why didn’t I have Waldo sooner when I was drowning in photos, trying to sort and distribute them but usually never leaving my computer? What an amazing app that I will continue to use!

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