Delight guests with photos of them from your event!

The days of your guests wading through huge event albums to find their needles in the haystack are over. Waldo uses facial recognition to deliver photos to your guests right to their phones as soon as the photos are uploaded to the album.

It's easy to implement. Create a Waldo event album with a customized Join Code. Share the Join Code with your guests, who text the code and their selfie to Waldo. Waldo does the rest, matching each guests' face to photos in your event album and texting each guest THEIR photos.

Waldo cuts down on phone calls and emails from clients wanting to find photos. And the Waldo re-invitation feature allow you to use photos of each client in next year's invitation.

Facial recognition technology for events

Waldo is the perfect party favor for:


Wedding and Parties


Live Entertainment


Corporate Events


Conferences and Tradeshows

What Waldo does for your events

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Captures the moments

The waldoevents platform uses proprietary facial and object recognition to match photos from your corporate events to the actual attendees.

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Delights your guests

No more of your attendees digging through massive online albums to find their pictures. Waldo delivers the photos of your guests directly to them via text message or mobile app during and/or after the event.

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Generates buzz

In-app branding allows you to amplify your event and increase social sharing by leveraging your guests’ social footprint before, during, and after your event.

WaldoEvents pricing plans

Personalizes your future e-vites

Waldo helps you personalize invitations to recurring events by sending customized invites to attendees with photos of them from past events.

We have the perfect plan for your event

Event album features

✔️  Available on Android, iOS, and web

✔️  Facial recognition based photo delivery

✔️  Text-based invites, onboarding and photo delivery

✔️  Branded photo filters

✔️  Custom event code for easy onboarding

✔️  Custom auto-populated hashtags for social sharing

✔️  Unlimited storage

✔️  Pricing based on event size

✔️  Print order options