Everyone’s photos. Shared by Waldo.

Relive your special day through your guests’ eyes (cameras)

Every guest can easily share the moments they capture via the Waldo app.

Powered by state-of-the-art facial recognition and mobile delivery

Pics are a great party favor! Automatically deliver photos of each guest to each guest via text!

Your photographer’s photos easily shared with all your guests

No need to help Aunt Alice find that family photo she can’t live without.

Gabriela S.

Our guests were really excited to get the notifications about the pictures they were in from Waldo! It was a really unique concept and honestly made things easier for my husband and me.

Sarah V.

Waldo, will you marry me? 😉 We loved the app – we got to see all our guests’ photos while we waited on our photographer’s. And all our guests LOVED getting notified every time someone uploaded a photo of them from the big day!

Bring Waldo to your wedding!

Put some fun in your wedding photos with Waldo delivery for only $100 for up to 6 wedding events!

  • Unlimited photo downloads
  • Up to 6 albums
  • Text alerts for matched photos
  • High resolution downloads
  • In-app print purchases
  • Mobile uploads from guests
  • Custom SMS code for joining
  • Web uploads from your photographer
  • Custom hashtag for social sharing
  • Custom filter on photos

Waldo makes the perfect wedding gift!

Give the couple a gift they’ll treasure forever – every moment captured during their wedding season.

“Sarah ended up with a collection of kitchenware and hundreds of guest photos from Waldo. Guess which gift she loved the most!”

Ronda, Dallas TX

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