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Facial recognition technology that texts photos of each camper to their parents... during camp!

Get Waldo for Camps

Summer camp photo software that delivers

Waldo has come to camp, and he’s packed his amazing photo technology in his trunk. Using facial recognition, Waldo finds photos of each camper and delivers them via text message to their families as soon as the photos are uploaded to the camp album.

Your campers are living the moment. You should be, too. No more worried parent phone calls, wondering if their child is having a good time. No more haphazard photo coverage. Just pure delight, delivered directly to your families’ phones.

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Fun and friendly photo alerts

Every time photos are matched, Waldo sends a fun text message or notification, keeping the photo delivery fun, conversational, and camp-friendly.

Powered by facial recognition

Your families submit a selfie of your camper and get notified every time they appear in your photos.

In-app branding filters

Make it easy for your camp families to share their camper's photos with your branding with options to include your logo on photo downloads, social shares, and more.

Introducing...Waldo Collage

Waldo customers can create their own print featuring five of their favorite photos from a Waldo-fied event. The end result is an 8x10 custom collage mailed directly to their door all completed with a just a few clicks. The collage can be branded with the events logo and features a custom background image selected by our partner.

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Do not publish

Our Do Not Publish (DNP) security feature was created to protect campers. Any photo containing a DNP camper will not be published in any public gallery. Waldo will simply remove those photos.

For certain eyes only

Give parents the option to view the photos free in a web gallery. Protected by a password and optional pin code phone verification, the album allows parents to view, download, share directly to Facebook, order prints, and more. And it allows you, the camp, to add branding and optional pricing for hi-res downloads.

Customer success dashboard

Waldo gives you the photo sharing control. Your photographers or staff can upload all photos, then curate. Or curate, then upload. You can choose to deliver pics as soon as they’re uploaded, or wait until the time is right.

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Fundraising, the Waldo way

Camps who jump on the Waldo platform get the added option of an incredible fundraising model that sends 50% of all photo profits back to camps for scholarships or fundraising projects of your choice.

Read about how Waldo helped raise $75k for one Texas summer camp

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Free webinar

10 tips to improve your camp photography

Hosted by Katherine Spencer, a former camp photographer. Learn how your summer camp can improve coverage, cut down on parent phone calls and emails, and better capture all the fun and values at your camp.

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" The Waldo team is responsive, customer-focused and fun. Most importantly, the Waldo fundraising model helped us reach our goal of $75,000 for our “Bless a Coach” fund … we are so excited to send those “blessings” to our Coaches (counselors), which goes toward their college expenses "

Alice Mayer - Director of Marketing at T Bar M Camps