5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Summer Camp Photographer for Your Camp

February 2, 2024

Are you on a quest to find a top-notch photographer for your summer camp? This post will provide you with valuable insights for screening for the perfect photographer. The right summer camp photographer should be adaptable to the camp environment, connect with campers, and have a knack for snapping memorable moments. We’ll also touch on how you can empower them with the technical tools they need to help you get more value from your content.

#1 – Boundless Energy

Choosing the perfect summer camp photographer necessitates recognizing important traits and energy is #1. Most camps that prioritize content creation throughout the summer have one photographer per 125 campers. Capturing 125 campers is a lot of work! Waldo recommends screening for college students who balance a combination of work, school, and athletics. Preferably, at least two of the three. These kids are typically accustomed to long days that stretch into the night. Being a camp photographer is exhausting and you need to avoid the couch potato who doesn’t have the stamina for the job. 

#2 – Extroverts Wanted!

The ideal camp photographer loves people and has never met a stranger. Sometimes they will be lurking in the background but often they need to interact with campers, warm them to the camera, and coax the perfect shot. They need to establish a rapport with campers, understand their personalities, and energize the campers versus shutting them down when they arrive at the scene of a camp activity. 

#3 – Solid Chops Behind the Camera

You need to ask for a portfolio and ideally see solid photos taken day and night. The night shots are where most camp photographers fall short. And the evening activities are where many of the most memorable moments happen. The dance, the rave, skit night. The list goes on. Night shooting is a must. If they shoot youth sports as a hobby or a side hustle, even better. Sports photography is difficult and anyone who does it well should be able to handle the zipline shots, launching off the blob, and the chocolate slip and slide. All the posed shots will be simple for them but you will know you’re going to capture the action well lit and in focus. 

kids having funb at camp

#4 – Look for Independence & Self-motivation

Your camp photographer is a bit of a lone wolf. Unlike your counselors who typically have a partner in crime and are on a set schedule, your camp photographer needs to be able to self-manage and make a lot of logistical and time management decisions on their own.

You want to find someone who has demonstrated these qualities in their day-to-day lives. If they have turned photography into a side hustle and are making some money from their photos, they likely have the initiative and organizational skills to thrive at your camp. This isn’t a must but definitely another great signal and bonus when considering your alternatives. 

#5 – Good with Photo Management & Organized

To maximize the value of your camp photos, you need your camp photographer to leverage cutting-edge photo management and curation tools that leave you with a treasure trove of the best photos for social media, website, email, and print. Tools like the WaldoCamps Photo Manager platform will allow your photographer to tag photos to be used for marketing, making your life during the off-season much simpler and saving you countless hours.

They can also use the photo tracking feature throughout the session to make sure they are capturing campers evenly and then use Waldo’s AI-powered slideshow builder to ensure every camper is represented in the end-of-session slideshow, without spending countless hours trying to make sure every camper is on at least one slide. 

kids singing

Cherishing Memories through Photography

The ultimate goal is to convert transient moments into enduring memories. The right photographer will capture the joy and spirit of your camp. With the right photographer and the right photo management tool, like WaldoCamps, you can turn your camp photos and videos into your #1 marketing asset while strengthening your relationship with your families. So, set out confidently on your journey, and find that perfect photographer, who will instill your camp’s magic into unforgettable memories.

We hope you found this top 5 interview tips list helpful as you ramp up your recruiting efforts for the summer. If you’d like to chat further with one of Waldo’s photography professionals about how to get more value from your camp photos and videos, feel free to reach out to partnerships@waldophotos.com