At Waldo, We’re Thankful For…

November 26, 2019

This time of year often proves to be a time for reflection, newfound dedication, and goal setting. At Waldo, it’s no different. The team, spread across the globe, continues to strive for greatness with a common goal in mind. A goal that can be traced back to Rodney Rice’s early vision for the company back in 2015.

“I just fell in love with the process of building a product that makes people’s lives better,” said Rice. This simple statement still proves true today for the company. Our customers come from many industries.  Whether it’s working with camps, schools, sports events or professional photographers, the Waldo team is dedicated to creating a game-changing product that mixes technology with human emotion, all supported by top-notch customer service.

Here are a few of things that members of our team are thankful for in 2019:

Toni Schach

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a team that challenges me every day and gives me the love and support I need to meet those challenges.”

Thanos Theodoridis

“I am thankful for working on a job that doesn’t feel like cutting trees in Siberia.”

Becky Welch

“I am thankful for a job that doesn’t feel routine. Our ever-evolving company keeps me on my toes.”

Chelsey Schrader

“I’m thankful for another year of my family being in good health and for having a job that I am truly passionate about. I’m thankful for my sweet husband and our newly purchased first home.”

At Waldo, we are thankful for our customers, those that are open to hearing about new opportunities and for the opportunity to be part of something different! “Live the Moment” this week with family and friends!