The 9 Best Wedding Registry Sites for 2023

February 28, 2023
Wedding Registry

We all know wedding planning can become stressful at times. But creating your wedding registry doesn’t have to be! There are a variety of tools available at your fingertips to choose from when it comes to creating a stress-free wedding registry that fits all your needs. We have compiled a list of the 9 best wedding registry sites for 2023 to help you decide which wedding registry is the best for you and your fiancé.


#1 Zola

Best Registry App

Completion discount:20%
Shipping costs:free
Return policy:90 days

Zola takes the cake as the best registry app. With its intuitive app design and simple navigation, Zola makes the wedding registry process easy for everyone. Your family and friends can quickly search your name in the app and find your registry within seconds. 

The Zola app is also great because you have the option to choose physical gifts from their store (100k+ products and 1k+ brands), gift cards, or cash gifts. If you’re interested in saving up for your honeymoon, having the funds for a date night of your choice, or saving to make a down payment, Zola’s cash gifts are a great way for your guests to contribute. With Zola, there is no shame in registering for the gifts you truly want, whether they are traditional or not! 

#2 Joy

Best All-in-One Registry

Completion discount:None
Shipping costs:Varies by item
Return policy:Varies by item

Say goodbye to stressful wedding registries with Joy – the best all-in-one registry! Joy is the perfect choice for couples who want to make the registry process as seamless as possible for themselves and their guests. Whether you prefer mobile apps or browsing on your laptop, Joy has it all. Offering many brands and products to choose from, as well as the option to sync any registry, you’re sure to have all your registry wants, needs, and desires covered. Once your guests purchase an item from your registry or contribute to your cash fund, you can easily send personalized thank-you messages to your guests. 

If you aren’t quite sold on using Joy yet, their cash funds have zero fees, making Joy the simple choice for couples who want to register for cash funds, instead of only registering for physical items. It’s a win for you and your guests.

The knot logo

#3 The Knot

Best Quick Set-Up Registry

Completion discount:20%
Shipping costs:Varies by item
Return policy:90 days

Looking for a registry with the best quick setup? The Knot is the way to go! With their comprehensive and user-friendly platform (on mobile and web), couples can rest assured they can set up their wedding registry in no time. If you happen to run into any issues, their Knowledge Base and Customer Support Team can help you quickly get back on track. 

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start with creating your registry, The Knot has many resources and guides available to help you choose the gifts you want to register for as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here is just one example of how The Knot is a great tool for couples, especially those who want to save time.

MyRegisty logo

#4 MyRegistry

Best Registry Customer Service

Completion discount:10%
Shipping costs:Varies by item
Return policy:365 days

If excellent customer service is important to you, look no further! MyRegistry wins for best registry customer service in our books. In addition to their extensive Knowledge Base listed on their website to answer nearly any question that arises, their Customer Care Team is easily accessible via live chat, email, or phone. 

While we believe MyRegistry has great customer service, they have other great aspects too. One unique feature about MyRegistry that stands out against its competitors is that the website is also available in Spanish. If you and/or your guests speak Spanish, MyRegistry is the perfect registry website for expanded accessibility.

Amazon Logo

#5 Amazon

Best User-Friendly Registry

Completion discount:20% (for Prime members, 10% for non-members)
Shipping costs:Free (for Prime members)
Return policy:180 days

Say “I do” to Amazon’s user-friendly wedding registry, it’ll be the best decision you make all year, besides saying “I do” to your significant other. Amazon makes the wedding registry process simple and straightforward for couples to easily find exactly what they are looking for. With their intuitive platform search and filtering options, couples can quickly find the exact items they’re hoping for. Amazon has millions of products to choose from, so couples are sure to find all their needs and wants in one place. 

Not only is Amazon the best user-friendly registry for couples, but it’s great for your guests too. Your guests can easily search for your registry by entering basic information such as your name, state, and wedding date. Once they have searched your name, they can see your list of items and details about each item, such as the number of items that are remaining on the list and items that have already been purchased. 

Esty logo

#6 Etsy

Best Handmade & Unique Gift Registry

Completion discount:None
Shipping costs:Varies by Etsy shop
Return policy:Varies by Etsy shop

Etsy is hands down the best for handmade and unique gifts and helps support small businesses. Win-win! Most couples don’t know that Etsy has a registry service, but now you do! Their registry is one of the best ways to ensure you receive the wedding items from Etsy you’ve been eyeballing for months. Once you’ve created your registry, you can easily begin adding items from Etsy’s website.

Whether you’re interested in handmade bowls, a comfortable woven blanket, or a customized art piece for your home – Etsy has you covered. After your registry is completed, inform your guests and they can simply search for your name on the registry website to view all your needs, wants, and desires listed on your registry.

BloomingDale's logo

#7 Bloomingdale’s

Best Department Store Registry

Completion discount:20%
Shipping costs:Varies by item
Return policy:90 days

Bloomingdale’s gets our vote for best department store registry as they offer many unique perks for couples who choose to create their registry with them. One unique perk is that Bloomingdale’s provides a complimentary consultation with a registry expert, giving couples support and guidance every step of the way when it comes to their wedding registry.

Whether you’re creating your registry in person or online, Bloomingdale’s provides expert consultations wherever you are. No worries if you’re on a tight schedule or can’t travel to a store location, their experts can engage with you virtually for your consultation. If in-person registry selection is more of your vibe, you can book a private tour of the store during an upcoming private registry event. Check here to view their private tour dates for early 2023.

Target Logo

#8 Target

Best In-store Registry

Completion discount:15%
Shipping costs:Varies by item (but typically free on orders over $35)
Return policy:365 days

If shopping in-store and physically seeing the items in person is more of your style, Target is the way to go for the best in-store registry. Target has a wide variety of affordable items available for purchase in stores to choose from, allowing couples the ability to register for items that truly reflect their needs, wants, and preferences. Unlike most online retailers, Target has readily available and knowledgeable associates to answer any questions you may have about a specific product or your registry as a whole.  

The in-person experience of Target is hard to beat, but we know that sometimes there may be slight hiccups along the way. If your guests run into any issues with an item not being available in store, they can easily order the item online and have it shipped to the local Target location, or to their home.

#9 Williams Sonoma

Best Home Chef Registry

Completion discount:15%
Shipping costs:Varies by item (but typically free on orders over $35)
Return policy:365 days

For those who love to cook, Williams Sonoma has the best home chef registry on the market for their exceptional product quality and customer support services. From high-end glassware selections to gourmet and specialty ingredients, Williams Sonoma offers everything one could possibly need in the kitchen.

In addition to its exceptional selection, Williams Sonoma offers many convenient services to make the registry process smooth, both online and in-person. With a range of complementary services, such as a personal registry consultant and special vendor offers, Williams Sonoma goes above and beyond to make the registry process easy and memorable.

Combining & Syncing Registries

Thanks to the wonders of technology, combining and syncing wedding registries has never been easier. Couples no longer have to worry about keeping track of multiple registries – the ability to combine and sync registries allows couples to have all their wishes in one place, making the gifting process accessible for all guests. 

Wedding registry websites like Zola, The Knot, and Joy allow you to easily combine and sync wedding registries from multiple stores. This means you could create a registry with the local Target for your guests who prefer shopping in-person, another registry on Amazon for your Amazon-loving guests, another registry with Etsy for your guests who value personalization, and then combine them into one massive registry.

This amazing feature helps you stay organized, prevent being gifted 7 new smoothie blenders from multiple stores, and perfectly accommodates all your guests.  Great Grandma Edna doesn’t understand how the internet works. That’s okay! She can visit the local Target where you created a registry with your name and wedding date to get help in person, without compromising your desires for your wedding registry process because your registries are synced. 

What to (and not to) Register For

Gone are the days of couples feeling like they must stick to only traditional wedding registry items. Couples are now more free than ever to feel comfortable registering for things they actually need, want, or are interested in, rather than only asking for the traditional items. If you and your fiancé have been dying to take an expensive cooking class together, create a fund on your registry for cooking classes. If you two are more adventurous and ski lessons are on your bucket list, register for a fun weekend getaway with the ski classes you’ve been dreaming of. 

Your wedding registry options are practically endless! But just because you could register for everything on the market, doesn’t mean you necessarily should register for everything. Take time as a couple to brainstorm the items you need, want, and activities you two would like to try and create your list.

Consider questions like:

  • Is it more important for us to prioritize items or experiences?
  • What items do we want to replace or upgrade?
  • Are there any new hobbies we’re interested in trying?

These questions should help guide you two in the right direction. 

💡Helpful Tip: Before building your registry, be sure to consider the timeframe from now until your wedding date. Don’t wait until a few weeks before your wedding to finally make your registry available to your guests. This will potentially create stress for your guests, and you may end up with wedding gifts you didn’t want. 

💡Helpful Tip: Consider having a variety of price points on your registry. By registering items with various price points, you’re not only giving your guests a wider variety of items to choose from, but you’re also ensuring your guests don’t feel obligated to give a gift outside of their budget. Wedding gift-giving should be fun for your guests! Registering for a wide price range of items can help your guests feel more comfortable and confident with the gift-giving process. 

Basics and Registry Essentials

If you’re in need of inspiration, below are a few item ideas to consider adding to your registry. 

Home & Decor:

  • Lamps 
  • Photo Frames 
  • Vases 
  • Robot Vacuum  
  • Outdoor Patio Furniture
  • Air Purifier


  • Dishes / Servings Platters
  • Knife Set 
  • Air Fryer
  • Crockpot 
  • Toaster Oven 
  • Coffee Maker


  • Towels 
  • Robes 
  • Bath Mats 
  • Sheets 
  • Pillows 
  • Mattress Topper


  • Honeymoon 
  • Date Night Activity 
  • House Down-Payment 
  • Classes (cooking, painting, dancing, etc.)


  • Luggage 
  • Outdoor Hammock 
  • Cooler 
  • Tool Set

Remember, this list is not exhaustive and you shouldn’t feel obligated to register for these items if they’re not a need, want, or of interest to you and your partner. If you’re feeling stuck, this is a great place to start!

How to Add Anything To Your Registry

Anything? Yep… pretty much anything your heart desires can now be added to your registry – made possible with various websites such as Zola, The Knot, and Joy. Whether you want to register for a specific item, create a cash fund for an activity or larger purchase, or are interested in a specific service, you can add these things to your registry.

Everyone loves having photos to look back on, especially when it comes to big life milestones such as their wedding. WaldoWed by Waldo Photos is the perfect resource for couples and their guests to share all their photos from the big day with the use of AI technology and photo-finding magic. To make your wedding day unforgettable and have photos to cherish forever, simply add WaldoWed to your wedding registry.

Perks & Completion Discounts

With so many options available, how do you choose what works best for you? For some couples, their interests and hobbies can make it clear. Are you an aspiring baker marrying a home chef? Williams Sonoma is essential! But how do you choose when the answer is less clear?

For most couples, it comes down to the perks! Reviewing shipping costs for guests, completion discounts, and return policies may help you decide—that’s why we listed them above!

Completion discounts are a game changer for newlywed couples. Most registry sites offer between 10%-20%. But there are other perks to consider. Bloomingdale’s offers 20% off formalwear, tuxedos, and wedding dresses leading up to the big day. Amazon has a huge selection of gifts. Joy doesn’t charge fees on cash funds.

Final Verdict

The best universal registries are Zola and Joy, with the Knot being a close runner-up. We love that Zola has a wide variety of registry items available and that Joy offers flexibility with true and easy-to-use custom registry links.