Features you will ❤️


Facial recognition

Waldo provides secure technology that matches user-submitted selfies to photos in an album.

Numbered Jersey Recognition

For sports, when faces aren’t easily seen, Waldo uses proprietary numbered jersey recognition to find and deliver athletes’ photos.

Mobile photo delivery

Photos are delivered to each person in the photos, right on their mobile phones.

Fun, friendly text alerts

Waldo sends text alerts or app notifications every time he finds a new photo of an enrolled user.

Available on all platforms

Waldo plays nice across devices and platforms, making it easy to view, download, and share pics from iOS, Android, or the web.

Management dashboards

Our admin tools give creators powerful photo analytics.

Overlays & hashtags

Amplify your brand or organization with optional logo overlays to customize your photos and auto-populated hashtags to increase virality.

Watermarking technology

Waldo’s FaceBlocker™ protects your images from screen captures and promotes individual photo sales.

Sharing & invites

Viewers can share their photos straight to social right from the app and invite up to 6 family members to view their photo stream.

Picture day — simplified

Build custom packages, take photos, then sit back and relax. All orders are placed via the Waldo app and are drop-shipped to the customer.

Custom Collage Builder

Waldo customers can create their own print featuring five of their favorite photos from a Waldo-fied event. The end result is an 8x10 custom collage mailed directly to their doorstep, all completed with just a few clicks. The collage can be branded with the event’s logo and features a custom background image selected by our partner.


Create and send a card to anyone in the world with just a few simple taps in the app. Pick any photo for your custom stamp and add a fun emoji.