Waldo Photos Partners With Gradelink

July 22, 2021

The facial recognition-powered photo management platform will now be offered to Gradelink participating schools.

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Waldo Photos


Austin, TX (July 22, 2021): Today, Waldo Photos — an AI-powered photo platform featuring facial and jersey recognition delivery and proprietary mobile proof delivery— has announced their new partnership with Gradelink, one of the nation’s leading SIS platforms.

Gradelink is used by more than 2,000 private school administrators throughout the United States, and allows for centralized communication of all necessary scholastic information, such as admission, tuition, and grades. This centralized communication hub also allows for staff, students, and faculty to stay in communication with one another through user-friendly communication tools. The partnership with Waldo will now bring AI-powered photo management, yearbook curation, and real-time, mobile photo delivery to families at Gradelink schools. 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Gradelink to help schools get more value from their photos,” said Rodney Rice, founder and CEO of Waldo Photos. “We’re excited to bring our photo management platform to Gradelink schools and to help them increase their social media presence and drive enrollment.”

About Waldo Photos

Founded by the co-founder / CEO of HomeAdvisor, Rodney Rice, Waldo Photos is the most advanced mobile-first platform for sharing and selling photos. The platform leverages facial and jersey recognition, 5 star rated mobile apps, a texting bot, and its patented FaceBlocker technology to take the hassle out of gathering, managing, and delivering photos.

About Gradelink

Gradelink is a student information system designed with private K-12 education in mind. It’s budget friendly, intuitive for staff with less tech experience and based in the cloud so you can access it from virtually any device. Moreover, schools receive dedicated tech support rep to ease their troubles. Key features include student enrollment management, attendance report generation, grade and attendance tracking and report card printing.