How Pro Photographers Can Boost Their Post-Pandemic Business With WaldoPro

April 21, 2021

It’s no secret that professional photographers have had their careers — their livelihoods — their entire businesses all but destroyed in the wake of the pandemic. While things are starting to “reopen” again, many are rethinking their “process” and “toolkit” for the future which seems to be clearly headed towards being more touchless and more mobile.

In these times of rebirth and relaunch, Waldo Photos has got you covered. We didn’t build WaldoPro anticipating a pandemic — but the pros currently using WaldoPro certainly are glad we did. If you’re looking to spend more time behind the camera and less time behind the desk, all while delivering your images to your customers in a quick and efficient way, WaldoPro is just what you need.

The WaldoPro photo management suite offers a four-pronged approach to help pros better organize, deliver and sell their images. Here’s a quick overview of each module, which can help transform your post-pandemic business:

Photo Manager

Photo Manager is Waldo’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based photo hosting, managing and publishing system. It includes powerful tools for inviting contributors, tagging and curating photos, sales analytics, and more. 

Share Photos

This feature is great for corporate parties, galas, conferences, live events and more. If you’re hired to take photos at an event and share them with your client, Waldo’s Share Photos module will set your business apart from the competition and ensure your photos are seen by all attendees, thus bringing more visibility for both your client’s event and brand as well as your own. Photos can be automatically brand filtered and include a hashtag for a Facebook post.

Sell Photos

WaldoPro’s Sell Photos module has completely modernized the way photo passes, individual images, and packages of prints are marketed and sold. Featuring Waldo’s patented FaceBlocker technology which prevents the unauthorized screenshotting of mobile proofs and leveraging Waldo’s AI and mobile delivery, your business will sell more photos in less time. Over the past year, during the beta phase, Waldo’s FaceBlocker technology and mobile sales platform has been used by professional photographers at national USGA gymnastics meets, dance and cheer competitions, Miss America, Miss USA, and NA Miss pageants, school portraits, and more and is now available to all professional photographers. Many of the photography companies who have been early adopters of the WaldoPro platform have seen sales increases of 50 –  100%.

Member Connect

WaldoPro’s Member Connect module allows you to market your prospects via personalized direct mail as well as SMS messaging.  

Ready To Get Started?

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