How to Choose a Photogenic Wedding Dress

September 4, 2022

With your big day finally arriving soon, it’s time to get your wedding checklist together. The top priority here, we’re sure you’d agree, is to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Weddings are a beautiful experience. As with any beautiful event, a wedding lets you hold on to meaningful moments in the form of photographs and we’re here to get you started on finding the most gorgeously photogenic wedding dress. 

Explore our mini wedding-dress literature to dazzle, first, on your wedding day and then in all the timeless wedding photographs that will stay close to your heart down the line. 

Add the Flair of Fashion

Choosing a wedding dress is a glamorous affair – for starters, the dress must be as unique (and beautiful) as you. You would naturally be the star of your wedding, with your dress being the ultimate spotlight drawing all the attention on you. 

While it’s easy to lean on something more traditional to play safe and “not get anything wrong”, adding a little whimsical magic to your wedding dress might not be such a bad idea. You neither have to stick to the conventions of “the perfect wedding dress” nor overdo the gown’s fashion game. What you want is something that not only stays relevant today but also remains timeless. After all, your wedding photographs would certainly make your big day eternal.

Forage the internet to find some great ideas for wedding dresses that are currently on trend. Dive deep and see how your dress can embody your very own personality. From foley gowns to lace dresses, you can never quite run out of options to keep glowing on your wedding day (and in your wedding photos).

Blend the Dress with the Venue

Finding the perfect wedding gown is all about how it can merge with the wedding venue’s environment. For instance, if you’re all for the idea of slipping a ball gown on but the venue’s backdrop is a gorgeous little beach, the idea might quickly turn into a wedding fiasco. 

Ball gowns look elegant when the venue reflects a touch of royalty – sprawling halls, colossal stairs, glittery chandeliers – you get the idea. For beaches, on the other hand, you might want to oscillate towards something that is perhaps lighter, charmingly delicate, something that enhances the sunset and the deep blue waters. The goal here is to get the fabric and design to enhance the very environment of your venue instead of making yourself look out of place. 

Bright white, champagne, soft white, and ivory – the color options for the gowns are endless. Don’t hold back from choosing the color that reflects your aura and weave a style that blends right in with your wedding backdrop.

Align the Dress with Your Body Type

This is where we discuss the mirror look vs the camera look. When choosing a wedding dress, trusting only the mirror is not enough. We’ve all noticed the surprising (and sometimes annoying) differences between images formed in a mirror and the images that the camera has to offer. Keeping this factor in mind, be sure to perform a little camera test with your gown options before making the final decision. 

Let your best friends or people you trust be your ally in picking out a photogenic gown. Ask them to snap you from different angles and see how the pictures turn out. You will be photographed from every angle on your big day – so you might as well let your phone camera guide you on how each dress will look from the camera lens. Once you’ve gathered all the shots, review them and see what works the best for you.

Dress for the Season

Don’t forget to factor in when you are getting married. Those short sleeves in the bridal shop are not be a great choice if you’re getting married in an outdoor wedding in October. Dress for the season and the weather. Opt for lighter materials for spring and summer weddings and heavier dresses for the fall and winter.

In love with a dress that doesn’t quite fit the assignment? Consider a second dress for your reception, adding/removing layers, or adding a warm cover up.

Bring the Veil Aesthetic

While the tradition of bride veils dates back a few hundred years, wearing a veil today is more or less a style statement. Veils and bridal hair accessories are an important part of your overall bridal attire. Alongside adding an elegant visual drama to your dress, veils have the power to enchant and enthrall the onlookers and the camera as you walk the aisle, charming everyone along the way. 

We’re sure your creative mind has already sprung to action, concocting countless wedding dress ideas for the most special day of your life. With a little research combined with your fine taste, we can already see you looking breathtakingly fantastic for your wedding. 

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