How to Get More Wedding Photos

September 15, 2022
How to Get More Wedding Photos by WaldoWed

Getting married is such an incredibly special time to celebrate with your partner, family, and friends. It is a big day with a lot of moving parts and it is so important to really live in those precious moments. That’s why having a photographer and videographer is a great way to document your wedding day and those memories that will last a lifetime. But did you know that the average wedding guest takes 10-15 candid photos that no one ever sees? Here’s how to make sure you get them.

Make it Easy to Collect Wedding Photos

WaldoWed makes collecting and sharing all your wedding photos so easy. You’ll never miss a single photo from your wedding guests! With WaldoWed, you can create unlimited wedding albums for you guests to upload their photos to by scanning a QR code. All of your wedding photos will be in one place for you to easily access. 

But wait – it gets better! With WaldoWed, you and your guests can easily scan a QR code, submit a selfie, and upload wedding photos to your album. Waldo then uses its facial recognition technology to search through all the photos in the album, find the photos that match the user’s selfie, and then sends the matched photos directly to the matched guest.

This awesome feature will save you and your guests so. much. time. (Afterall, you don’t want your wedding guests pestering you to send wedding photos they’re in while you’re on your tropical honeymoon.) WaldoWed will handle all of this for you, so you and your partner can relax! With WaldoWed, you get all the elements that come with Basic and Gold, plus new features like live slideshows, video guestbook, and an extended storage.

A notification from WaldoWed with a photo match. A picture frame with a WaldoWed QR code for photo collection

Setup QR Code Signs in Convenient Places

WaldoWed Gold come with unique QR codes for you and your guests to scan. This is your time to get creative with your signage placement! You will want to set up your QR codes in convenient and high traffic areas for your guests to easily see. 

Creating aesthetically pleasing table tents with your QR codes is a great option for displaying your QR codes. Your guests will easily see them as they’re sitting at their table. Another great idea is to print the QR codes and insert them in picture frames that match your decor. You can then set up the picture frames in high traffic areas such as near the desserts, gift table, or near the drinks. It’s completely up to you!

Another idea for your QR codes is to print them on the back of your program or menu. Everyone attending your wedding should likely have either a program or menu (depending on what you have at your wedding), so this is a great way to ensure everyone has easy access to the QR codes.

Have Your DJ Remind Everyone

Your DJ can be the biggest help with reminding people to scan the QR codes. Regardless of the convenient locations you choose to place your QR codes, at least one of your wedding guests is likely to be oblivious and miss all of your wonderful signage. A verbal announcement (or two) from your DJ during your reception is a great way to remind your guests to be sure and scan the QR code. 

If you choose to place your QR codes somewhere such as on the program or menu, your DJ could make an announcement for everyone to scan them all at once. This ensures that everyone has got the memo and are all set to upload their photos from the day. TikToker @hashtagchelsea did this for her wedding to get hundreds of wedding photos!

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Ask Your Ushers to Assist

Get your ushers, some friends, or family members involved to assist others! Scanning a QR code and uploading a selfie is made very simple with WaldoWed, but we all have those few family members who aren’t so tech savvy. Identifying a few of your wedding guests to assist others if need be is a great idea! They can also take charge in snapping and uploading photos to the album and encourage others to do the same.

Video Guestbook entries from my guests make me cry every time. These are the moments and the people that I will always cherish.

Final Thoughts

WaldoWed is great for gathering and sharing all your special memories from your big day. These are moments you will cherish forever and want to have saved. With WaldoWed, your guests can easily upload all their photos and you’re sure to not miss any photos from your wedding!