How To Incorporate Your Wedding In Your Home Decor

October 10, 2022
How to Incorporate Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life. It’s the distinct day that symbolizes the love, commitment, and long lasting connection between you and your partner. You will never forget your wedding day… all of the good and the not-so-good (if you weren’t luckily enough to have a completely seamless day).  What better way to remind yourself of the sweetest and love of your wedding day, than to incorporate elements from your wedding into your home? Your home is your safe space where you likely spend most of your time. Having little reminders of your wedding day throughout your home is a great way to reminisce and reflect on the goodness within your marriage. We have created this blog as inspiration to help you incorporate various elements of your wedding into your home. 

Wedding Florals

Displaying your wedding florals around your house is a sweet reminder of your wedding day, and a great decor piece. We all know wedding florals can easily become expensive. You’ll want to save your florals as best as you can, don’t waste your money. Put it to good use! Fortunately, there are many options for preserving and displaying your wedding florals. You could preserve your florals in a shadow box for display, you could press them in a frame to hang on the wall, or preserve them in silica gel for display. It’s completely up to you. 

If you’re not the crafty type, the Pressed Bouquet Shop has a variety of services where they will preserve your wedding florals so you can display them forever. 

Wedding Photos Gallery Wall

Displaying multiple photos from your wedding in a gallery wall is a great way to showcase your wedding photos. The living room or bedroom wall is a popular location couples choose to display their wedding photos. Whether you choose to display many little wedding photos on your wall, a couple large prints, or a combination of both – your gallery wall is sure to attract attention. Brides who use WaldoWed by Waldo Photos can easily order standard prints, canvas prints, or metal prints through the Waldo App. Waldo Photos ships the prints and newlyweds can display the gorgeous images in their home. 

Pinterest has a wide variety of gallery walls to get inspiration for your gallery wall. Search “home gallery wall” in the Pinterest Search Bar to view countless photo layouts and sizes. 

Personalized Signage

Having personalized signs around your home is a great way to incorporate your wedding. Although traditions continue to evolve overtime, many newlyweds are still choosing to have the same last name once they’re married. If you and your partner now have the same last name, there are many different personalized signage that couples can display in their home that show off their last name. This sign by BlingPainting is a good option to consider. 

While most of the popular personalized signage for newlyweds focuses on the couple’s new shared last name, there are many options for personal signage that aren’t centered around their last name. If you’re choosing to keep your last name, or signage with your last name isn’t your thing, Etsy has many customizable signs to fit your wants. Search “signs for newlyweds” in the Pinterest Search Bar to see many different options.

Candle Sticks

If you chose to buy candles for your wedding,  incorporating them into your home decor is a simple addition to your decor and you’ll get your money’s worth. You paid for them, so might as well use them! You could display your wedding candles on your dining room table, at the bar, or get them out for special occasions and holidays. It’s totally up to you! But we think utilizing your wedding candles in your house makes great decor pieces.

Wedding Vows

Displaying your wedding vows can often be a very personal choice. While most couples publicly recite their wedding vows during their wedding ceremony in front of their friends and family, some couples opt to share their vows in private with their partner. If you choose to be private with your wedding vows and aren’t comfortable with others knowing your vows, this might not be the decor idea for you. However –  if you choose to make your wedding vows known publicly, displaying your vows in your home as decor is a sentimental home decor option. 

You could display your vows in a frame, on a beautiful script, incorporated into unique wall art, or even on a pillow. Get creative! There is no wrong way to display your vows.

Wrap Up

Your home is a shared place of love, joy, and connection with your partner. Choosing to incorporate elements of your wedding into your home decor is often a very personal decision. However, most newlywed couples do have at least a couple aspects of their wedding day displayed throughout their home. We hope you find this brief guide helpful and you will consider incorporating some of your wedding into your space at home.