How to Organize Your Greek Chapter’s Photos Privately and Securely

August 21, 2023

Photos… photos… photos! We know you will have thousands of photos from Fraternity or Sorority events this year. Everyone will want to have the photos they’re in, but trying to manually look through all your photos and airdrop them to dozens of people gets old fast. What about the contacts you don’t have in your phone? If you’re in a large sorority, you likely don’t have everyone’s contact information on hand. How can you easily share group photos with everyone? 

That’s where WaldoGreek by Waldo Photos saves the day!

How Does Waldo Work?

Chapters are given a unique join code for their organization. The members of the organization text the join code to our number 735-343, create a free account, and upload a recent well-lit selfie. Once they complete the prompts to register, they are in the chapter’s album. 

Now the real fun begins! Individuals can upload all of their Chapter photos to their Waldo album. Once photos are uploaded, Waldo uses its facial recognition technology to look through all the photos and uses automated mobile photo delivery to send the matched photos to the person if they appear in the photo. This saves the photographer (or whoever took the photos on their smartphone) from looking through allll their photos trying to figure out which photos to send to Sophia… and Reagan… and Jasmine. The list goes on. 

Individuals who are joined to the album have the option to see their matched photos, or look through all the photos if they wish. It’s totally up to the individual user and their personal preference. This feature is great because it’s the best of both worlds. Just want to see your matched photos? You got it! Prefer to look through all the photos? Sure thing!

Waldo Values Your Privacy

Your photos are safely stored when you upload photos to Waldo. Only individuals that you give the unique join code to are able to access your uploaded Chapter photos. This means you don’t have to worry about outsiders seeing shared photos from an event.

Capture Memories to Last a Lifetime

Being in college and involved in your Chapter is such a special time in your life. You have the opportunity to meet so many new people, form forever friendships, participate in life-shaping events, and have fun. These are all memories that you will want to look back on throughout your life. While you’ll remember these things throughout your life, being able to physically see photos of you and your friends is invaluable. With the help of WaldoGreek, all your photos will be safely stored in your album, allowing you to look through the photos and download them to your phone as you please.

Wrap Up

With the use of facial recognition technology and automated mobile photo delivery, WaldoGreek makes sharing Chapter photos easier than ever. You can rest assured that your photos are privately and safely stored with your unique join code, for you and your sorority sisters to view for years to come.