Introducing the WaldoGram, an innovative addition to your Waldo summer experience.

June 3, 2019

So what is a WaldoGram?

A WaldoGram offers an easy way for parents to connect with their campers while they are away.  Parents can send their camper a postcard with a few taps within the app. These can be printed by the camp, and organized by cabin and name OR sent via traditional mail for those longer camp stays. Parents can choose between uploading their own photos, selecting from the matched Waldo photos of their child or both. Add an emoji reaction if you like! ❤️???

“We created WaldoGrams to provide parents a convenient app-based way to send a beautiful color post card to their camper in a few taps, instead of a dry email. And we thought campers would love getting a sneak peak of some of their best camp photos with Mom and Dad’s reaction.” – Rodney  Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos

In the above photo, leaders from T Bar M Camps, who have been using Waldo for three years now received the first ever WaldoGrams. It’s typical for kids to worry about missing out on things back home (and, honestly, parents just worry about everything). The WaldoGram simply sends a little love in a fun way!

Cheers to a great camp season!

– Waldo Team