Waldo Photos Announces New WaldoEvents Offering for Special Occasions

August 12, 2022
Waldo Photos announced WaldoEvents

Consumers can now create unlimited events for free via Waldo’s Apple, Android, or web app and easily access premium features for special events. 

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AUSTIN, TX (August 12, 2022): Waldo Photos, an AI-powered photo & video sharing platform, announced today that they are expanding their specialty events model with the launch of WaldoEvents. This service will allow consumers to create events for free and access premium features for $49.99 per event.

Based on the success of WaldoWed and consumer demand, Waldo has expanded its premium events offering to include the following specialty events:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Memorials
  • Graduation
  • Vacation
  • Fundraisers
  • Custom

Here’s how WaldoEvents works: Create your event and share with guests to collect and distribute photos. Waldo-fy any event for $49.99 to unlock an AI-powered photo finder, automated photo delivery, custom photo filters & hashtag, photo moderation, and more. Coming soon WaldoEvents will also allow for adding additional specialty event albums to any special occasion including a Memory Book, powered by Waldo’s Smart Slideshow technology, and Group Video. 

“I’m incredibly excited to announce we’re making our basic photo and video sharing free”, said Rodney Rice, CEO Waldo Photos, “while also offering event planners a host of new premium features to help celebrate and memorialize the special occasions in their life.”  

Since launching its free offering in April, WaldoWed has seen rapid adoption of its simple and smart photo sharing for couples as they organize and celebrate their weddings with friends and family. And received rave reviews like this one TikTok bride who recently Waldo-fied her wedding. With Waldo’s expansion of WaldoEvents, anyone planning a birthday, anniversary, memorial, graduation, or other special event will be able to take advantage of the same features found in WaldoWed.

Free plans allow Waldo users unlimited free event gallery creation, unlimited circles for private sharing, commenting, and emoting as well as activity-based notifications. Event planners can Waldo-fy their event for $49.99, providing every guest with automated photo delivery via text or app alert, personalized QR-code invitations, event-themed photo filtering, photo moderation, 50GB of dedicated storage, and more.

Are you ready to host your next event? To see firsthand, visit waldophotos.com or download our apps on iOS and Android. Not sure which plan is the best for you? Send us a note and we’ll be happy to assist.

About Waldo Photos:

Founded by the co-founder / CEO of HomeAdvisor, Rodney Rice, Waldo Photos is the easiest photo and video sharing app for events. Using facial and jersey recognition, mobile apps, and a smart texting bot, Waldo finds and delivers everyone the photos they’re in via text or app alert.

For more information, or to schedule an interview, contact pr@waldophotos.com