Keep your Greek chapter alive and thriving with easy photo sharing

September 16, 2020

With the pandemic forcing most colleges and universities across the country to go online, one would expect that fraternities and sororities would have alarming dips in the number of students pledging. However, trends indicate otherwise!

According to Dani Weatherford, CEO of the National Panhellenic Conference, several schools across the country have been seeing a steep increase in the number of undergrads joining a chapter.

As a fraternity or sorority member or chapter leader, you might be seeing these indications too. Or, you may be looking for ways to ensure your chapter gets increased visibility and interest. As people all over the world yearn for a sense of community in these times of increasing isolation, you know that your Greek chapter is exactly what young undergrads need for a sense of belonging and to find their place at the moment.

As life goes on in smaller groups with social distancing, less chapter-wide mixers, and fundraisers, plus recruitment efforts going online, there’s a great new technology to ensure your community feels connected during these trying times — and that’s with private photo-sharing on Waldo!

Using Waldo’s photo-sharing platform that’s powered by some cool tech, there’s a whole lot you can do to sustain the Greek Life chapter in your school, improve your recruitment, and keep your members engaged and happy!

Take your recruitment to a whole new level!

What better way to share the magic of your sorority or fraternity than through powerful visuals? Through Waldo, you can now share branded pictures from past year events on social media and get more eyeballs for your chapter!

When you and your members share photos through Waldo, those photos will automatically be branded and hashed with your chapter’s branding. It’s the easiest and most powerful way to spread the word about your chapter.

Let your undergrads know that this is the real Greek life that is waiting for them when all this blows over. Use your photos as a powerful branding medium through the recruiting process!

Make rush count!

Whether you’re conducting smaller in-person meet-and-greets, larger ones with social distancing, or doing them online, make the event count! With face recognition powered photo delivery, your rushees and members can see their pictures immediately through the Waldo platform.

Everyone — chapter members, rushees, hired photographers, and volunteers — can all upload their photos to Waldo’s private, shared platform. Waldo comes with detailed permissions and security features, so don’t worry — you can have full control over your chapter’s photo privacy!

Through Waldo’s technology, the photos are then immediately delivered to those found in the photos using facial recognition. Don’t let the pandemic kill the buzz around your mixers and charity events! Instead, use Waldo to keep the Greek life spirit alive.

Send personalized bid day invites using Waldograms!

Forget the old-fashioned, mass-produced invitations with hastily scrawled names attempting to make potential new members and their families feel special. Enter Waldogram for personalized bid day invites!

A Waldogram is a card that can be easily created and designed in the Waldo app using beautiful, free templates. You can personalize the card with a photo, add a note, even a fun emoji, and you’re all set! Waldo will print the card and mail it for you!

Send real-time pictures as new members join

Don’t let socially distanced Greek life events take the memories out of your college life — Waldo’s photo-sharing platform helps you keep these events as connected as possible. Make the event memorable with Waldo’s facial recognition powered photo delivery, which finds photos within seconds of their being published to your gallery. Matches are delivered to members via text and the app in near real-time!

Get maximum reach for your fundraisers

You know the impact your sorority or fraternity can have on the issues that matter. Whether it’s a charity event or leadership programs, your chapter spends a lot of time doing good in your community. Don’t keep your chapter’s good deeds a secret.

Every photo that is shared through Waldo will automatically include your sorority or fraternity’s branding and hash. Build a powerful social media presence with these branded photos, add a compelling story to the visuals to amplify their reach, and then sit back and watch the magic! Your community members will be proud to spread the word for you.

Waldo’s fundraising model has raised over $400,000 for organizations like camps and schools across the country, and now Greek chapters like yours can use Waldo to turn photos into fundraising.

Stay engaged with your community

As a leader or member of your chapter, you know that your community is not restricted to your active members alone! How about sending a warm, personalized parents’ weekend invite? Or some fond memories to your alumni? Or a personalized invitation to a chapter advisor to speak at a webinar? Even a customized welcome note to your new members?

With Waldograms, you can do all this and much, much more! Stay connected with those who support your chapter with personalized cards and keepsakes, as well as customized invitations. This becomes even more important as social isolation increases and people reach back into the past for pre-pandemic memories. Remember that the time and effort you invest now will be worth it as life returns to normal.

So, whether it’s recruitment, philanthropy, building a powerful social presence, or continued engagement with your community, Waldo provides an easy way to keep everyone connected through photos with a private AI-powered photo gallery, so no one is spamming their social media, but everyone can share a window into their world. And as life gets back to normal, Waldo’s photo-sharing platform will make sure everyone has their memories from the best years of their life.

Waldo-fy your Greek Life