The future of photo delivery

Welcome to WaldoResorts, an AI-powered photo platform that combines secure facial recognition with mobile photo delivery, enabling you to deliver photos in real-time to your guests.

Over 11,000 reviews

No kiosks. No computers. No arm-bands.

Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of your photo operation while increasing revenue. Waldo delivers guests’ photos in real-time with automated mobile delivery.

Turn your guests into free social media influencers for your brand

Waldo delivers your guests’ moments in near real-time to their mobile device with your branding. With one-tap social sharing, your branded photos will reach all the families that follow your guests.

Reduce your overhead & streamline your business

Powered by face-finding AI, Waldo automatically sifts and sorts all your photos, delivers them to your guests, and provides you the analytics you need to manage your team.

Photo protection with FaceBlocker™

Waldo’s patented FaceBlocker™ technology helps you prevent screen captures and photo theft. Time to see that sales boost! Read more about our patented mobile delivery here.

Stay connected and encourage return visits

Re-engage visitors through branded, personalized direct mail featuring your customers’ pics — printed and mailed for you. Personalize for birthdays or send bulk cards for special promotions, holidays, and more!

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